Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Dream Vacations

Today at work wasn't as hectic as the previous days. We rendered overtime two days in a row so we could catch up with the volume of work before the long weekend begins. I finished my tasks earlier than usual and that gave me time to daydream. Hehehe.

I really, really wanted to visit these places but I think that'll only happen when pigs fly. Lol! Why? Because we're not ultra, ultra rich so it's really impossible for me to afford to travel. So these places might only be just in my dreams but then, who knows?

Santorini, Greece  (source)

Santorini, Greece is my ultimate dream. I am just so awestruck by how beautiful this island is - the pristine white structures, their blue roofs, the expanse sea surrounding the island.

a gondola, pretty girl and Venice buildings, Italy
Venice, Italy  (source)

I want to experience riding a gondola in Venice and listen to the gondoliers sing.

Paris, France  (source)

The romantic city, surely will not be out of my list. 

Niagara Falls  (source)

The hugeness of the Niagara Falls is pretty scary but I still want to see it, nevertheless.

Big Ben, London  (source)

I want to see Big Ben on New Year's Eve just before the clock strikes twelve. 

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