Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Coming Home

Even before I submitted my resignation at work, hubby and I discussed that should I stop working we think it would be best if I stay with my parents in Laguna while I am pregnant. That is so I would have company to keep myself from getting bored because I am usually left by myself here in Manila when hubby leaves for work. 

So, I will be coming home to my parents later today and will be staying there indefinitely. Hubby will stay here in Manila because of work, it will be too much of a hassle if he goes with me in Laguna. He will just come there during the weekends to be with me. The sacrifices we have to make for the sake of this baby.

I might not be able to blog as often as I wanted to but I will still try to post once in a while. So, this is bye for now and I hope everyone will have a meaningful Holy Week ahead.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best Decision

I am going to stop working.

For now, I know I am going to think that we won't be as secured financially as to when I was still getting a monthly salary. I know that I am going to worry about the future expenses and that our plans will be put on hold because only one of us will be working. I know that for some time I will be feeling helpless and unworthy because I won't be contributing financially nor physically because of the state of my pregnancy.

But, in the long run, I know that this is the best decision. I know that I will not regret leaving work behind for our child. I know that everything will fall into place with God' grace. 

And surely, on that day, when my eyes finally get a glimpse of our dear little one, I am going to say "It's all worth it".

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am just so grateful

I've been getting pretty stressed out lately from work, from the difficult pregnancy and daily asthma attacks. I've been weighing some things and I know I need to prioritize. Baby comes first.

I am just so blessed to have a very supportive husband to lean upon. So this is for him:

"Thank you so much for being there for me and for backing me up with every decision that I have to make. Thank you for constantly making me laugh especially during the hardest of times like when I was at the ER when I had an asthma attack last Monday. Thank you for lashing out as fierce as I do towards some people that has been bringing me even more stress than I could possibly take. Thank you for being such a great provider for me and our unborn little one. Thank you for supporting me now that I have to make a very important decision for the sake of our family. I know you will take very good care of me and our child and I am so grateful to the Lord that He has given me you. I do love you so much."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unfavorable ER Experience

I was supposed to return to work Monday night. I got the thumbs up from my OB Gyn's reliever last Saturday. That is before I had an asthma attack come Monday morning.

I woke up at around 9am wheezing already. I puffed Seretide twice hoping that I'll feel better soon. After 30 mins to an hour, I felt very weak already. Just near to collapsing. I guess it's the heat that triggered it. 

Good thing, hubby is still at home and we immediately went to the ER of the Chinese General Hospital. I even lost consciousness on the way there.

ER stands to Emergency Room, isn't it? But, why do the nurses move so slowly while we were there? It was pretty obvious that I'm having difficulty in breathing and I appear to be very weak leaning on hubby for support. I can't even hold the water bottle that I brought with me.

Finally, we were ushered inside and I was asked to sit down to have my oxygen level monitored. The nurse even had the guts to tell me, "Idiretso mo ung daliri mo natatanggal eh." Can't you see that I can't even move an inch and you blame me for a defective machine whose finger probe is loose and was just being held with the use of a medical tape?!

I was seen by an OB-GYN, shouldn't I be seen by a Pulmonologist? 

In the end, when I was sure that my vital signs are normal and so are my baby's, I asked to be released. I don't want to be admitted to a hospital like this, I'd rather rest at home.

Before leaving, I asked the OB if I could have a medical certificate so I could have something to show to my employer. Guess who wrote the medical certificate? A pulmonologist who didn't even see me! Isn't that amazing!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Looking Ahead

Just recently, Hubby and I had a serious talk about moving. Even before we learned I was pregnant, I already told him that I do not want to raise a kid where we are currently living. The environment in this place is just not fit to raising kids.

We decided it is time to move somewhere else and we plan on doing it next year before our kid turns one. We need to save up for my delivery in October first and then we need to buy a car before Christmas so we won't have a hard time bringing the baby around. We plan to have the renovation of their Cavite house started by summer of 2011. The lower floor will be for my parents-in-law while we will be occupying the upper floor/s. 

Ever since it has been decided, I have been searching the net for home decorating ideas. Talk about getting excited! Particularly, all I have been searching for are ideas for the nursery. Look at how pretty these all are and how easy it would be because these are just wall decals or stickers.

Do you notice how everything here looks like for a girl's bedroom? Now, you know what I'm praying our little one's gender would be.

I'm super excited to decorate our home and I can't wait for next year to come. For the meantime, I'm rubbing my tummy and whispering to my little one, "Don't worry. Mommy will make sure you get the prettiest room for your first birthday".

Saturday, March 20, 2010

and then a heart beats...

Today, me and hubby went to see our OB for my monthly prenatal check up. We are to check if my hematoma has cleared and see if I can go back to work full time. Unfortunately, my OB, Dr. Aleli, has undergone surgery and was unable to see me. I was seen by Dra. Aida, Dra. Aleli's reliever. 

I always feel good whenever I come and visit the Women's Wellness Center of the Metropolitan Hospital. It has a relaxing atmosphere with comfy couches and even a zen f0untain in one corner. I feel like I'm getting the best care from the friendly nurses and my trusted Gyne.

When I entered the room, Dra. Aida asked a few questions, I raised some issues of having cramps yesterday and she said we'll have another ultrasound to check the condition of my hematoma. Then, I was asked to lie down so she could measure my tummy and so we could try to listen to baby's heartbeat. 

It took her quite a while scanning my tummy using a fetal doppler and I was getting pretty anxious. Why wasn't I hearing anything? Is it supposed to be like this?

And suddenly, a heart beats...

I heard it and it was strong and it was fast. 

I found myself smiling when Dra. Aida asked me if I can hear it. I gave her a tearful yes. Really, I was pretty emotional.

I then proceeded to have my ultrasound. Right after the gel was spread on my tummy and the scanner was in place, there was my little one. Already developed, with hands and feet moving constantly. A little change in the scanner's position and there it was again. 

The heart beating. It really was beating fast and I can see it beating through my baby's chest. 

It was pretty amazing and I can't believe we have created something as beautiful as this.

We can't wait to see you, our little one.

Here is our little one at 12 weeks and 1 day

Friday, March 19, 2010

Warning Against Ultrasound

With newer technologies coming out, isn't it such a great thing that we, moms-to-be, can get a glimpse of our little ones even before they were born? I used to be so amazed with these 3d/4d ultrasound where you can see your child's features from inside your womb and I told myself I would have that when I turn 7 months pregnant and will have the photo printed out so I can compile everything in a scrapbook. Me and hubby even inquired in an ultrasound center in a mall for 4d Ultrasound packages and mind you, they are not cheap.

But what's even great is being a member of NewlywedsAtWork and getting the best advice from everyone who has been there, done that. Just today, I was browsing through the messages on the board and I came across one with the subject heading "FDA warning against non-medical use of the ultrasound". I read through the post and clicked on the link that another n@wie posted. It appears that getting the 3d/4d ultrasound is bad for your unborn child. I am sharing this article with you and hopefully you be well-informed first before actually getting that just-for-photo-ops 3d/4d Ultrasound. The article can be viewed here: 

FDA Cautions Against Ultrasound 'Keepsake' Images

This changed my mind and I decided to just get the usual 2d ultrasound to know our baby's gender when I turn 6 months and let God do the rest until that blessed day when we get to meet our baby face to face.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh yes, I did!

I have been so inspired with the food blog of one of my w@w sisses who is now a n@wie. I'm sorry sis, but, I'm dropping your name here. Mei and her hubby are doing an awesome job blogging about their married life in Japan thru their wedding blog A Match Made in Heaven and has truly inspired me with their food blog Cravings of the Newlyweds. I only wish I had the same talent as the both of them when it comes to cooking. But, I am trying. Desperately.

And so, last night, I did it. Oh yes, I cooked!

Nothing as fancy as those on Mei's blog but at least I'm on to a good start. I cooked Lechon Kawali and Buttered Mussels. Told you so, nothing fancy, just a quick dip in hot cooking oil and it's done. Hehe! I was happy that the Lechon Kawali turned out crisp and well cooked; the Buttered Mussels tasted good as well - I did a great job with putting in the right amount of butter, salt and a little bit of sugar, oh and yes lots of garlic. 

Here are some pics:

Buttered Mussels

Crispy Lechon Kawali

I also sliced a couple of bananas topped them with condensed milk and voila! Sweet and creamy dessert. Which is, btw, still untouched in our fridge. We were so full last night that we weren't able to have our dessert.

Oh and before I forget, just this morning, I made some French toast for breakfast. :)

I am not in the mood to cook. No, I really was not in the mood. :) Thanks to Mei and their blog for inspiring me. Hopefully, in the next days to come I'll be able to whip up some great dishes as well.

Have a great sunday, everyone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clubhouse Delight

I pinged Hubby on Yahoo Messenger before I went on shift last night. I asked him, "What will you bring me home tonight?". But I never got a reply, he's probably busy at work, I thought. Later on, I was feeling really hungry and I'm already craving for some ham sandwich. The last few nights, I've been constantly asking him to bring me home a cheeseburger, but it was different last night. Just the thought of a greasy cheeseburger makes me want to throw up. 

I remembered how I love the Clubhouse Sandwich of Tropical Hut. I searched the web to find out if they still offer the Clubhouse and luckily they still are! I pinged Hubby again telling him to please bring me home a Clubhouse Sandwich from Tropical Hut. 

I know, it will be a hassle for him because he didn't bring his motorcycle to work and he'll just be taking a cab home. He can easily find a cab just outside his office building and if he is to go to Tropical Hut he will have to cross the street and walk a short distance to where the nearest branch is located.

Well, he still did it for me. Even if it's raining a little bit when he got off from work, he still went to Tropical Hut to buy me my Clubhouse Sandwich. I'm really blessed to have such a thoughtful husband who gives in easily to my little whims. 

Here's a photo of my yummy sandwich:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl's Talk: It's FLESH Time!

I just stumbled upon the Girl's Rule blog after reading through the recent updates on my blog roll. I've been wanting to join a blogger group before but I didn't know where to find one. So, when I saw the theme of the week, I immediately searched my hard drive for my most daring picture. I know it should have been posted on a Thursday, but heck, better late than never.

Here I am in my most daring ever at the beach:

As if I have the courage to bare anything at all. That's the best I could do, show my back. :)

Here are some other pics taken during my wedding day:

Can you see the small "C"? I know it's minimal but it's there!

Don't I look naked here? I'm only wearing a tube dress while having my HMU done.

More entries for this week's theme may be found here.

Till next week's theme, Girls!

Finally It Rained

After weeks and weeks of overly humid weather, after the state of calamity status has been raised in various provinces, our prayers were finally answered. 

I slept at around 7 in the morning and the gentle sound of rain pouring down the roof woke me up at 10am. At last, I awoke without feeling the heat of the summer. I looked out the window, and it is indeed raining. 

How I wish it would have lasted the whole day, a little heavier than just a drizzle every now and then. I'm wishing for more rain in the coming days (definitely not the Ondoy kind), just the right amount of rain to have our water dams refilled and the irrigation for the farm lands restored. Let's keep on praying.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's in a name?

As early as now, almost 10 weeks pregnant, I'm already thinking of what to name our little one. Years before, I already had a list of baby names, but looking at it now, nothing appeals to me anymore. I liked the nickname "Lexi" but I don't know how to incorporate that in a whole name, I certainly don't like the name "Alesandra or Alexandra". I don't know, I just don't feel that my baby (if a girl) is an "Alesandra or Alexandra".

Hubby said it's too early and that we should wait until we know the gender of little one. Well, I told him, that's why I'm searching for one boy's name and one girl's name (OC wife/mom signing in). I just want to come prepared and I don't want to just give my little one any name that comes to mind. I even know one mom that up to the moment she gave birth she hadn't thought of a name for her baby, that sucks. You have 9 whole months to think of a name for your child. It would be something that your child will carry for the rest of his life so it is best that the name is well thought of.

All I know is I want two names for our little one. Me and my siblings all have two names and I can say that Mama and Papa did a great job in choosing them. I am currently considering a girl's name, initial S___ E___, the S name means Wisdom and the E name means Intelligent. Now, that's a great combination, wouldn't you agree? I still haven't found a boy's name that sounds good my ears so I am still on the lookout. I am yet to tell hubby the SE name, I am hoping he approves and when he does, I'll reveal what SE means. For now, I'm leaving you with a possible nickname for our little one, "Ellie". 

Happy monday, everyone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Early Start

Today's a Sunday and I woke up a little earlier than usual. I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock where it says it's just 6 in the morning. I felt my tummy gurgling, "Baby's hungry", I thought. I can't find it in my heart to wake up the peacefully sleeping husband beside me so I got up, brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face and went outside to buy myself (and little one) some hot pandesal from a nearby bakery. 

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. The air is still fresh and cool, people seem to be in still happy moods after a good night's sleep. When I got back to the house - I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, I beat some eggs, sliced a tomato and cooked scrambled eggs, fried a few slices of Luncheon Meat, sliced a small slab of butter and placed everything on a plate then went upstairs to enjoy my breakfast while reading through some new posts on my blog roll. 

After an hour or so, Mommy and baby now have full, satisfied tummies - feeling a little bit sleepy. It's a Sunday, anyway, one good excuse to go back beneath the sheets and return to dreamland. 

Happy morning, everyone!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm praying for rain!

Summer came early this year and I am definitely not loving it. The freakingly hot weather, especially during the afternoons, is really the worst. I normally sleep right after work at around 7 in the morning and wake up around 4 in the afternoon. But, with the temperature shooting up to 35 degrees Celsius, it is impossible to get a decent amount of sleep. I now wake up around 11 in the morning, have lunch and try again and again to fall back to sleep to no avail. I would be lucky if I'd be able to sneak in a few hours from 6pm till 8pm right before I get ready for work. 

What's harder is the fact that I have to drink more water now that the weather is very humid but due to my very sensitive tummy/pregnancy, I can't seem to gulp down even a small glass of water. Water makes me want to throw up. Hubby bought me two huge bottles of Gatorade as advised by my OB but it has been two weeks already and I still got one full bottle left in the fridge. Now, I quench my thirst by drinking fresh buko juice or melon juice. Any liquid that has a taste is fine and I try to stay away from carbonated drinks and packed juices. 

Let me finish this post with the ORATIO IMPERATA AD PETENDAM PLUVIAM (Prayer for rain).

God our loving Father, creator of our earth and of the universe, and all the wondrous elements of nature that sustain your living creatures, we humbly ask you to send us the rain that our country needs so badly at this time, to irrigate our fields, to stave off a power shortage, to provide water for our bodily health, and to refresh our parched lands. At your command the wind and the seas obey, raise your hand Almighty God to commence the normal rainy season that has now been long delayed so that crisis may be averted.

Merciful and generous God, open our eyes to the richness and beauty of your creation and instill in us a deep love for this earth and all that is in and around it. Teach us to be wise stewards of your creation so that we may always use them responsibly and protect them from abuse and exploitation. At this time of crisis, dear Lord, move us to share more, to serve more and to love more.

Loving God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, you entrusted the Filipino people to the special care of Mary our Mother, listen to the prayers that we bring up to her, our Blessed Mother, to intercede for us, for the protection of our land and our people, whom she loves.

Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
Saint Rose of Lima, pray for us.
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, pray for us.

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