Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Ladies from 80's raise your hands! Remember this toy?

I used to have one like this when I was a kid and I remember how much fun I had catching the fish. I've been searching the malls trying to find one for my son but to no avail. There's nothing like this available at any of the known toy stores.

So, imagine my surprise as I was walking home tonight and I saw this being sold at the sidewalk for merely 25 pesos! I know the toy won't live a full life, what, with the infamous ability of my son to throw things around, or stump on toys, or use everything either like a drum or a drumstick.

But, look at the gleeful look on Johan's face and the unwavering concentration he had while fishing. This toy proved to be useful in teaching my son patience, coordination and skills. I just hope I could find a much better, for-long-term-use brand of this toy. 

If you know where I can find one, would you let me know please?

For a toy that's worth only 25 pesos, the smile on Johan's face
make it seem like it's worth way more than it really is

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