Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Johan's Best Buddy

Last Saturday, Johan received a stuffed monkey as a gift from one of my Titas. He instantly loved the toy and hugged it tight when he took it out of the wrapper.

Right after this photo was taken, Johan put the monkey aside and went inside the room to play with his cousins. I thought that's the end for the stuffed toy. But, boy, was I so wrong.

When we arrived home in Cavite, I planned on putting the monkey inside the cabinet to keep it from getting dirty. But Johan cried so hard he thought I was going to throw the monkey away! He kept on saying, "My, no, no!" and tried to take the monkey from me.

When I gave him the toy, well, just look at what Johan did:

"Ket, ket.", he used his diaper as the monkey's blanket

Sharing his milk with his new best buddy

He seemed to be having a short conversation with the monkey

Aww, love!

Getting ready to sleep

His nightly bed mate

He really loves this stuffed toy and we are yet to give him a name. Hmmm...what should we name the monkey?

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