Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trick or Treat DIY Project

Photo: Can I DIY a Russell costume for Johan?

I loved the movie Up and like most people, I find Russell super cute. Now, that Halloween is almost here and there are lots of Trick or Treating going on in the malls, I am inspired to create a Russell costume for Johan. My sister invited my son to their company's Trick or Treat on November 3rd and that'll be the first time that Johan will participate in one. I guess, I am more excited than my son!

Russell's costume is too easy - all it takes is just a yellow polo shirt, dark brown or khaki pair of shorts, an orange bandana, a yellow cap and an orange flag. The most challenging of this costume would have to be recreating all of Russell's pins. My cousin suggested I get the small ones that can be bought which are priced at merely Php 5.00 each but my problem is I don't see such pins being sold near us. I'm going to try the malls if I can find some pins there.

But, if I find none, my last resort is to print out the pin designs and attach it to a brown cloth or something. I already downloaded this template, just in case.

I am so excited!

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