Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nailcutter

While I was cutting Johan’s nails earlier today, I noticed that the screw or whatever you call it is a bit dislocated. I tried putting it back myself but it just won’t budge. So, I asked hubby for help. He was busy playing World of Warcrafts (again) and ignored me. So, I tried again to repair the nailcutter myself, even using a pair of pliers but still I was unsuccessful. This time I was getting pretty frustrated - for not being able to put it back together and even if I know that I can repair it myself, the use of tools should be man’s job not mine. Hubby kept on ignoring me, so, out of frustration I threw the pliers and shouted expletives (hehe). Hubby finally took notice, took the nailcutter and tools and tried to repair it saying “madali lang yan.”

The one encirled is the metal rod I'm talking about which got dislocated.

Then he asked me to help him (now who just said “madali lang yan”?) He can’t make the thin metal rod go through the other hole and he kept on hammering the rod and the next is the sequence of how our conversation went:

Mae: Paano yan lulusot eh nde naman nakatapat dun sa kabilang butas ung rod? Sayang lang pagpupukpok mo jan.

Hubby: Ah ewan, hindi ko sasayangin oras ko jan sa nailcutter na yan. Bumili ka na lang ng bago.

Mae: Ayoko, eto gusto ko eh.

Hubby: Baket isang libo ba yan?

Mae: Oo!! (Definitely frustrated)

This time I lost it and just went back into our room and shut the door. I finally repaired the nailcutter myself but I’m still not speaking to the husband. We even had lunch not talking to each other and I only washed the dishes that I used and left his in the sink.

I know later today, we’ll make up. This is just one of those times that husbands and wives fight over the silliest of things. And this time it is this nailcutter’s fault. Hehe!

Happy sunday, everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy Moments – Dear Daddy

mommy moments

Dear Daddy,

Thank you so much for being a great provider for Johan and me. I’m so sorry if I make things a little hard on you whenever I pressure you to do some things that I think is just right for our small family.  I want you to know that I appreciate every little thing that you do for us: like when you cook our meals when you notice that I’m already tired of taking care of Johan, those early morning bonding time with Johan whenever he wakes up at 4am – I know you’re too sleepy but still you spare a few minutes of your precious sleep just to play with our son, how you scrimp on your own things – the things that you used to splurge on before – so we could buy Johan everything that he needs, waking up very early on a Sunday morning so we could go to mass as a family. We are really thankful that we have you as the head of this family and we pray that you be blessed with good health, success and everything that you are aiming for. We love you so much!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Mario Brothers

Hubby and I grew up with Mario and Luigi. I remember that me and my siblings used to fight over who’s going next on the family computer and how we outdo each other as to who knows more hidden beanstalks, who can get the most 1 ups and who can jump to the very top of the flagpole at the end of each stage. Haay, I miss playing Super Mario Brothers.

Anyways, I’ve written this post because that is the theme that I want for Johan’s birthday in October. Super early planning? I know! Okay, you may call me excited but I just want to get things for the party bit by bit instead of one huge shopping spree so we hubby won’t feel how much we are spending.

I thought about this theme because: it’s cute and it’s not yet as overly used as the usual birthday party themes. It would be a challenge, though, for me to find Super Mario items in Divi-land. But, I’m going to rise up to the challenge and search, search, search for cute items for my Johan’s first birthday.

Johan will be dressed as Mario, I (we’ll see) will be dressed as the Princess and hubby – Luigi? Not! I told him he should come in as Koopa! Hehe!

Go here and look at how cute a Super Mario themed party would turn out!

I really, really wish everything will fall into place. Especially the budget. (Ehem, ehem hubby)

Johan’s Laughing Trip

My son is one happy kid. Although there are times that he cries because he wants to be carried or is hungry, he’s usually all smiles throughout the day. He loves it when we play Peek-a-Boo (more like “Eeehhh Bahhh!”) Hehe. This is a video of him while we’re having our playtime. If you would notice the times when the camera’s shaking a bit, those were the times that I was acting like a crazy lady, flapping my arms in the air and messing up my hair. Looking like a crazed one is worth it after seeing my son laughing so hard at my antics. Haha!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Delight

I have been a bit tired since Thursday. I had to go to Makati on Thursday of last week, was able to drop by Glorietta, Landmark and Greenbelt 5 in my search for the standard neck Nuby bottles and Sound Bites which I didn’t find (does anybody know where I can get these?)

Then over the weekend, Johan has been unusually fussy. As in. He refused to be put down and even when I was already carrying him, he still squirmed and cried. Haay, I was really, really tired.

Good thing is I have a stash of sweets hidden somewhere in our bedroom. I won’t say where coz hubby might read this post and take those away. This is my emergency stash, my life saver in times of Mommy burn out, my post partum depression preventive maintenance and the reason why my sugar might be above normal already. Yaiks!



Friday, February 18, 2011

Mommy Moments – Valentine’s Day 2011

mommy moments

Like Mommy Chris, we also don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day the way most people do. Hubby and I both think that it’s a huge hassle to go out on a day when the traffic would be total hell and most restaurants would be full. Plus, I think Valentine’s Day is already so hyped up that it’s near being “corny” already, though, it would still be nice to receive a bunch of flowers (hint, hint hubby).

This year’s V-Day, we went out a day early. We went to the mall on Feb 13th and had lunch at our favorite Max’s Restaurant with our little son, Johan. There was a nice set-up for Valentine's Day at SM but a lot of people were having their picture taken so even if I wanted to have ours taken as well, we didn’t push it because Johan will be squished. We then proceeded to the Department Store to buy some stuff for the house and for Johan and then we went home.

It was just a simple V-Day celebration but what mattered is that we get to celebrate it as a family. It’s V-Day everyday anyway if you get to spend it with the people you love.


Caring for Others

I’ve been admitted at the hospital many times. It sucks just to lay there with tubes in your arms and medications to take every few hours. It would have helped if you have a television installed inside your room but it would be pretty lonely if there is none and you are left alone.

That’s why the company of nurses is a huge help in cheering up the patients. Add to that the pretty and vibrant colors of their nursing uniforms and cheerful attitudes. It would be great for the nurses to purchase their scrub uniforms online and select the design they want from the nursing uniforms catalog. That way they don’t have to travel to come to a store for their purchase and they would have more time to care for their sick patients.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Little Girl


… is the first grandchild, the first niece, the first baby of the family.

My family kind of raised her because she used to stay at my parents house for weeks even months after she was born and continued to do so until she started school. When she started kindergarten, it was only during the weekends that she get to come to the “Pacita house” – my parents’ house is Laguna. It has become a tradition for her that every Friday, during her PE day, my mom would fetch her from school and she’ll stay in Pacita over the weekend then she’ll be back home in Cavite on Sunday. But, recent issues changed all that. I won’t go into details as it pains me even more when I think about it. I just hope that someday things can get settled, differences and misunderstandings be straightened out and that we be the family that we once were.

This is for you, bebe.

Dear CJ,

I miss you more everyday and how I wish I could just come and take you away. I am sure that Loly, Papa, Tit An, Yaya, Tito Lian, Ninong, Tita Red and Empoy feel the same. I know that you and Cedric were caught in between of what has happened but let me tell you that you did nothing wrong, that whatever happened between the grown-ups has nothing to do with you and even if some people are mad at some people, you and Didik are still very much loved by the family. Always remember the good times that we had when you were still going to Loly’s house. Do not forget everything we have taught you. Always remember that we will always be here for you and you can always, always count on us whenever you need us. And someday when you are all grown-up, maybe we can explain things to you. In the meantime, I just hope that you are doing well physically and emotionally, that you are being treated like the kid that you still are, that you are excelling in school – we are very proud of you, CJ, so continue what you are doing and show ‘em how smart you are. We’ll see you again, bebe, don’t worry. Everything will turn out for the best. No matter what anyone tells you, always remember that we love you very, very much. If only I could turn back in time to the moment you were born, I would have done that and I would have taken you to be mine. Even if that didn’t happen, bear in mind that I love you as if you are my own. So, I’ll just end this with your favorite dialogue from the Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb cartoon that you frequently watch, “CJ, watcha doin?”.

Take care, bebe and we’ll see you again soon.


Love, Ninang

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Passing Down my Passion

I love books. I probably have a hundred titles scattered in the houses that I lived in. This passion started when my cousin, Ate Leslie, introduced me to the world of paperbacks when she let forced me to read one of her romance novels in my teenage years. I was so into the Archie comic books back then but I was transformed. I began reading Sweet Valley Girls then Sweet Valley High then some fiction and non-fiction here and there. Now, my favorite is the law and mystery novels of John Grisham, all-time favorite Harry Potter hardbound collection (which remains at home not to be borrowed by anyone, yep, I am selfish!), the Twilight Saga and the light and funny novels of Sophie Kinsella.

Given that I sooo love books, it would be no surprise that I’ll be passing down this passion to Johan. I used to read him stories while he was in my womb (well, I read the Twilight Saga aloud), I even incorporated reading in my maternity shoot and now I am starting to introduce the joy of reading to my son.

I am starting this routine with him: bath time, watch his Baby Einstein Baby Mozart DVD and then reading time. I usually start off with Johan lying down on his back while I read his books aloud then I put him down on his tummy so he could touch his books.

I really hope he grows up to be a bookworm like me. I would not really mind if he asks me to spend money as long as it would be for books.

DSCF3457 DSCF3540

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Audrey Dao’s 2nd Blogaversary Giveaway

Up for grabs are the following:
 I’m joining, are you? Click here to know more!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mommy Moments - Dear Baby

mommy moments

I carried him for 40 weeks, labored through his birth for 17 hours only to deliver him via C-section and now I am a mother to our Johan Matthew, day in and day out.


Dear Johan,

Your arrival brought me the kind of happiness that words could not express. I am so thankful that God gave me something as beautiful as you. I am at peace every time I hear you sleeping soundly beside me, I am at my happiest when I see you laughing and I am the proudest mom ever when I witnessed how you turned over on your own and how you held your bottle with those two little hands of yours. I look forward to seeing more of your milestones in the coming years. I promise to support you in every endeavor that you want to pursue, I promise not to pressure you to be a high achiever but to accept wholeheartedly the person that you will become, I promise that I will always be here for you as a mother and as a friend. I love you so much, baby. Don’t grow up so fast, ha.

Love, Mommy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missing Manila

I lived there during college in 1997. I belonged to a dormitory inside the walls of Intramuros and stayed there for one semester during my first year in college. After that one semester, finances became limited and my parents cannot handle the expenses of me living in a dorm so we decided that I try commuting from our home in Laguna. Commuting then was hell given that the Skyway was under construction and just the trip going to Manila lasts for four hours at the least. Imagine traveling for four hours one way just to get to a class that only lasts for an hour and a half and then travel back for another four hours just to get home.

After doing that for the two semesters and after the stress and strain it put myself and my grades in (I was always late for class), I found myself back in Manila. This time around I lived in a boarding house in Sampaloc (owned by my godfather and his family) with two of my classmates.

The traffic around Manila was (as usual) very bad. The drainage system at its worst during rainy season. I remember I walked from PLM to Sampaloc during a flood and the traffic is not moving. I walked atop a center island, I walked in the muddy waters, I walked under the rain.

The suspicious looking characters that abound in the city makes living in Manila doubly hard. I witnessed a snatching incident more than once, I was with a friend when a man took her bracelet at knifepoint, I was riding the same jeepney when a lady’s earrings were snatched while she was wearing them leaving her ears wounded and bleeding. Luckily for me, I was just that, a witness. I was never a victim of these incidents. Thank God.

It might be like I am writing a love story between me and the city. There are things that I don’t like about it – like the many street children that roam the streets and beg for money then you’ll find them sniffing something from a plastic bag – I cursed at some of them at one point but pity overshadowed the anger. If only these kids were being taken cared of by well-rounded parents then they should have been students like myself.

But beyond that, beyond all the negative things about Manila, the place grew on me. I learned to love the imperfections of the city. I could say that living there, almost my whole college life (5 years) and another year after getting married, built my character. There are a whole lot of memories that were developed there. I met most of my amazing friends during college, I met good people while I lived in Intramuros, in Manila I met my husband, I learned to value hard work and be thankful for what I have after seeing the street dwellers living in the streets.

Now, living outside the city is kind of living a slow-paced life. It is simpler, it is quiet, it is peaceful. But, there are times like this that I miss the hustle and bustle that only Manila can bring.

I know it seems like I am living abroad although the truth is I’m just a few hours away. Hehe! I was born in Manila, grew up in Laguna, now living in Cavite - but I feel like I am a true-blue Manileño.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let’s talk about poop, Baby!

Let’s face it, when we have infants we worry about everything all the time. I’m guilty of this as being a first-time mom and one of the things that worried me was Johan’s poop. When he was much smaller his poop is different every time and I pretty much drove hubby to frenzy when I wanted to bring Johan to his pedia every time a new colored poop came out of his sweet chubby butt.

So, it is really helpful when I chanced upon this topic in

How a baby poop looks may be indicating a hidden message. Aren't you interested to know what the stool indicates? It could gross you out but deciphering what the poop tells you is essential in baby care. Here it goes:

  • Thick, sooty stool is a newborn's first poop. It is also called meconium, which consists of mucus, amniotic fluid, water, bile, lanugo, and cells. This poop is almost sterile and doesn't smell. The message: baby poop tells you what it's like inside the womb, sterile and dark under normal condition.
  • Dark green to black stool is common in babies given with iron supplements. The message: Iron works! Conversely, if the baby is not getting any iron supplement yet passes such type of stool and it's not the meconium, it could be melena, which is a tarry stool containing blood and possibly indicates gastrointestinal bleeding. The message: seek doctor's advice right away!
  • Creamy, yellow poop is the usual type of poop that baby passes when breastfed. The message: baby intestines are functioning as they are supposed to.
  • Foamy, bright green poop results when the baby is being breastfed poorly. The message: breastfeed longer.
  • Sticky, peanut butter-like poop is what the baby passes when fed with formula. The message: the formula is A-okay.
  • Funkier, brown, mushy stool is commonly expected stool of babies fed with solid foods. The message: it's weaning time.
  • Poop with chunky consistency means that the baby is being fed with solid foods that have not had enough time to be digested. The message: don't hurry foods to get through his mouth; allow the food to be digested before feeding your child another. He's just a starter with maybe a few teeth for chewing. If the stool repeatedly has partially undigested food, seek medical advice to make sure the baby is absorbing enough nutrients from ingested food.
  • Loose stool may be a diarrheic stool. The message: medication may be necessary to fight off infection and clean baby stuff and surroundings regularly. The same thing goes for slimy poop (with mucus).
  • Desiccated, rock-like poop is an indication of constipation. The reasons might be lack of water, weaning, or formula fed is unfit. The message: make your child drink water more often. If it persists, ask your pediatrician for feeding guidance.
 Hope this helped other new mommies such as myself to understand our babies’ pooping habits. Happy pooping, babies! =)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 4th Month Birthday, Johan!

I can’t believe he’s already 4 months old! He grows up so fast that it kind of makes me sad because soon Johan will be a baby no more.

More of his milestones:
  • He can now turn over, yay! I’ll put this in another blog entry together with the video.
  • He already weighs 7.3 kg. I was afraid he’s obese but his pedia reassured me that he’s not.
  • He now sleeps (mostly) through the night. He only wakes up once or twice to feed.
  • He now knows his name because every time we call out “Johan” he turns his head towards the person calling him.
  • I don’t know if it’s just imagination or it really happened when Johan pronounced short syllables/words. Well, if it is just an imagination then hubby, me and my mom have wild ones. 1st word: yuck. Story is I was changing his diaper after he pooped and I said “Yuck”. Mama and I were surprised when Johan said back “yak”, it was just that short syllable. 2nd word: mama. Yep, this time hubby was with me when Johan said it. I was playing with Johan then I left him coz I had to go to the bathroom when he shouted “maa…maa”. Hubby heard it and he even got his headphones on! Well, I want him to call me Mommy but still he’s starting to talk and he’s starting pretty early. I am so proud.

DSCF3377-2Doing playtime with Mommy after his bath.
 DSCF3407Playing with his Barney teether.
 DSCF3436-2Candle blowing  

DSCF3434-2Photo ops with Mommy

DSCF3435-2Johan’s Neapolitan Cake from Goldilocks

Happy 4th month birthday, Anak! Daddy and Mommy love you so much!

Mommy Moments - Love Song

mommy moments

This week’s theme on Mommy Moments is a love song for your little ones. Mine is Phil Collin’s You’ll be in my Heart. The first time I heard this on the animated film Tarzan, I was touched by the lyrics and instantly knew that this will be my song for Johan.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am Intrigued

battle hymn

I’ve heard this on the news today and I’ve read about it online. I am shocked with how Amy Chua raises her kids in an extremely strict environment even calling her daughter “garbage” after the girl behaved disrespectfully. I am in utter disbelief when I read that she threw the card that one of her daughters gave her when she didn’t like what the young girl drew.

I cannot judge her for I don’t know where she’s coming from to behave like this although articles stated that Chua was also raised by a strict father so it is safe to assume that she got the parenting style from how she was raised.

Still, my attention is drawn and I want a copy of this book to learn more on why Chua treats her kids in a way that most parents deemed revolting demoralizing horrifying inappropriate.

I need to visit the local bookstore right away. I hope it’s already available here.

Read more about this on:
Tiger Moms: Is Tough Parenting Really the Answer?

Feeling Good About My Post-Baby Body

I was reading through and stumbled upon this topic. I thought it is timely as I’m easing back inch by inch to my old habits and routine – I recently had my hair cut after more than a year of having long hair and just last week I had a much needed pedicure.

But, first let me show you my then and now pics:

This was taken in 2007, 2 years before getting married. Yep, there was a time when I was THAT slim!

4203_1057472683320_1420964390_30130323_3033578_nOn our wedding day
 40073_1341124614441_1420964390_30780846_355991_n7 months pregnant

73234_462222852327_521122327_5396300_6698465_nA few days after giving birth – my tummy still looks like that of a 5-month pregnant woman but I’m not complaining on the additional cleavage. Hehe!
 DSCF3265My most recent picture – look at that tummy! Ugh,I need to do something about that soon!

So, according to, here’s what you should do to feel good about that post pregnancy body of yours:

1. Don't judge your looks by the first few weeks.
I didn’t have the time to judge how I look back then because my days are jampacked with changing diapers and soothing a fussy baby. It is just now that I really, really look at myself at the mirror and flinch at what I’m seeing.
2. Ease back into old activities.
As I’ve said above, I am trying to get back to my old routine, pre-baby. I found the time finally to visit a salon to have a haircut and a pedicure. No use in having a manicure as the nail polish will just wear off soon after I do the laundry of Johan’s clothes. My hair is in badly need of a treatment because it has become dry and unmanageable after being tied up into a ponytail every single day.
3. Try these tips from other new moms.
  • "Do something that makes you feel sexy and attractive — treat yourself to a pedicure, buy a new outfit (that fits!), get your hair cut or colored, or have a facial." — Caitlin
Pedicure done, new outfit done, hair cut done, facial hopefully soon
  • "Get dressed in the morning and put on some makeup.” – Carla
I wish I could put makeup on even if I’m just at home but that won’t do. Putting on makeup for me is now limited to when doing groceries, paying bills and going out with the husband.
  • "I was simply too grateful and too busy thanking my body for making my dream come true to worry about how it was different than it was before I became a mommy. It does change your body — and your soul. I lost 40 pounds in six weeks from breastfeeding, but my body was never what it was before. My heart, however, was so much happier. — Jolaine
My weight has returned to my pre-pregnancy weight of 106 lbs. (Yay!) Sadly though, my body is not the same as before. Especially that tummy which I have to do something about real soon.
  • "Try to accept yourself as you are now, and set a goal that's reasonable for yourself. Remember, not everyone can be a size 6 or even a size 10. Whatever size you are, you can still be beautiful and hold your head high. Love yourself and everyone else will, too." — Gina
Amen to that!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Am I Stupid?

I am not a perfect mom. I’ve had my share of tears from the tiring routine of caring for an infant. But, all the aches and tears are so worth it whenever I see Johan reach a milestone – like the first time he smiled, the first time he was able to hold his feeding bottle, the first time he turned over – and I wouldn’t exchange witnessing those to anything in the world.

Just recently, I’ve been told different opinions on me getting back to work. Most of them advised me to stay at home and care for my son even for a little while more while some advised me to work again so I won’t be stagnant and for the extra income. I welcome all opinions as we are all entitled to them anyway but what ticked and bothered me the most was when I was told I am being stupid for not working just because I can’t bear to leave my son at home.

I know I am missing a lot of things by not working – just things. Literally.

It makes me happy to see this little one wake up and when he looks up and sees me, his face automatically brightens and his most charming smile appears. It amuses me that one little boy could shriek so loud in great delight. My heart was filled with pride when this little man was able to turn over on his own and looked up at me as if to say, “I told you I can do it, Mommy.” I am always overflowing with joy when I am able to make this little one laugh just by doing funny faces. I am at peace whenever I look at my son and feel that overwhelming sense of completeness and contentment.

I gave up work when I was still carrying him in my womb. Now, that he’s already here, why shouldn’t I do the same for the sake of taking better care of him?

So, tell me….


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is Love?

image It is that first glance of happiness

image It is early morning stares and one huge smile waking you up at the crack of dawn…

image It is the soft sounds of gentle sleep…
 imageIt is the sweet smile of recognition…
 imageIt is the first signs of accomplishment and pride…

imageAnd the feeling of completeness and contentment.

I am in love. Are you?

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