Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hard Work is Starting to Pay Off

This week's been really busy at work, I actually didn't realize it's finally the weekend! Last Monday, I received good news from my boss. I am one of the two people chosen to undergo training for the new account that the company will be opening up here in the Philippines. Sure, it means more information above the many that I am still learning and new adjustment with the processes and system - but I am not complaining. I actually welcome the challenge and truly appreciate, that of all the employees in our company and tenured ones at that, my boss chose me.

I've been on training since Monday, trying to digest everything that has to be learned and hoping that I at least meet, if not exceed, the expectations that my boss have for me. Even though this new role doesn't have an equivalent pay raise (I know that'll come eventually), I am still glad that an opportunity like this opened up for me. Having to pioneer a new account is HUGE, it'll open up new doors for me and will bring me much, much closer to my goal.

There's so much to thank God for.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Window Shopping at

I love online shopping. I have made a lot of purchases online from Multiply, Facebook, Sulit and Ebay. I would say that I haven't been scammed yet and most of the online sellers I've made business with are very professional people who show passion in delivering good service to their customers.

I've heard about Zalora for quite some time now and I am yet to make my first purchase. I was hesitant because I want to make sure that a site is legit before I spend my money on things that I'm sure will arrive at my door. When my sister informed me that she was able to purchase a few pairs of shoes and that they all arrived in good condition, I decided I might as well give it a try.

But, when you go to, I'm sure you'd be overwhelmed with the many items you can choose from. Right now, I'm only looking through bags because that's what I really need as the bag I'm currently using is about to reach it's end. The bag choices over at Zalora is pretty huge! I can't decide which among these I should choose.

Cuzo Mica Tote - P1150 
Cava Benji - P1399
Cole Vintage Constantino - P1299

I'm loving all three bags and how I wish I could just go ahead and purchase them all but I simply can't because the hubby will surely be furious.

Do check out as they have an anniversary sale ongoing.

Hmm, what should I buy?

Friday, February 22, 2013

She doesn't Work?!


I saw this on my Facebook feed today and just have to share. See, even on this modern day and age, there are still some people who look down on women who stay at home instead of go to an office to work. I was among those who were judged, looked down upon and taken for granted. Why? Because according to them, I was just a housewife and I didn't work.

I quit my job when I became pregnant and didn't return to working until my son is old enough to walk, eat and utter a few words. During those years that I was staying at home I received a lot of criticism. Criticism coming from men and women alike (some even stay at home moms like me) who think that being "just a housewife" is almost the same as not existing. That because I didn't contribute financially to the family, I was worthless. That because I didn't get out of the house to go to an 8-5 day job, I didn't have a right to get tired at the end of the day.

Stay-at-home moms or wives are the most taken for granted people. I think this is because people are becoming more materialistic each day and every effort must be met with a huge paycheck. Since stay-at-home moms or wives don't earn a single cent because they "just stay at home and don't work", does it mean that they are worthless?

Heck, no! In truth, these women are actually working more than those in the corporate world. While the yuppies log in at eight in the morning, sit in front of the computer until five in the afternoon, stay-at-home moms or wives do manual labor - prepare meals, wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the house, take care of the kids, take care of the husband, take care of the dogs - from dawn until the late hours of the evening. And they do all of these for free! If that's not called work, then I don't know what is.

So, I am hoping that people become a little bit more open-minded, be more appreciative and less judgmental when it comes to stay-at-home women. Give them a break, help whenever you can and banish all negative remarks because after all, these women, though staying at home, actually has more work than most people in the "professional world".

Just saying.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breakfast is Served

Today, MIL has a scheduled general check up in Manila and hubby's niece is set to take an entrance exam in one of the schools there so I filed for a leave so I can look after Johan.

Just like every weekend and some other days when I don't have to go to work, I exerted a little effort this morning to prepare Johan's breakfast.

I would have made him more of those rainbow pancakes but we ran out of pancake mix. When I looked at what we have left in stock, I thought why not make french toast for the kid. And make I did!

Loaf of bread, Condensed Milk, Egg and Butter

Making French Toast is very easy. All you really need are the ingredients on the photo, beat the egg in a bowl, put in 1/3 cup of condensed milk, 1/4 cup water and mix everything together. Dip both sides of slices of bread in the mixture while heating butter in a pan. Fry both sides in butter until golden brown.

When the toasts were done, I rinsed the pan and cooked scrambled eggs and hotdogs at the same time. Good thing our pan is big enough.

I then put everything together in Johan's plate, added a bottle of Nestle Probiotic Drink and presented it to the little boy.

Upon seeing his plate the little boy shouted, "Wow!", quickly took the plate from me and ate with a lot of enthusiasm. The little boy is happy and so am I.

Good morning!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dreaming of a New Camera

My digital camera’s about to reach its limit and I seriously need to replace it. The battery runs out so fast even if I just had it recharged and there were more than a few times when the screen blacks out on its own. Well, what do I expect; I got the camera for a very cheap price so a lifespan of three years is maybe just enough.

I've been looking at several cameras and I still haven’t decided which one I’ll be getting. It really depends on how much I’d be able to save and I am really hoping I’d save enough to get myself a decent camera this time.

I heard that the Sony Alpha Nex 7 Camera is good buy based on some reviews that I read. The specifications are quite impressive.

Quoted from the Digital Photography Review:
Sony NEX-7 specification highlights24MP APS-C CMOS sensor (shared with the SLT A-77 and A-65)
ISO 100-16000 (100-1600 in Auto)
Built-in 2.4M dot OLED EVF with eye sensor
Electronic first-curtain shutter (cuts response time from 100ms to 20ms)
'AVCHD Progressive' 1080p60 HD movie recording with built-in stereo mic
Tilting rear screen
Three-dial user interface
Built in flash and Alpha hotshoe
Infra-red remote control receiver
Microphone input socket

But for the retail price of P 54,999.00, I guess the Alpha Nex 7 will just remain in my dreams. I may settle for a digital camera with a much lesser value but packed with good enough features and then probably buy one of those photo editing software over at Cyberlink and just do enhancements on my photos.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why I don't Need Flowers on Valentine's Day

I am the typical wife. I expect to be treated with utmost importance and I'm a hearts and flowers kind of girl (like Anastasia Steele) and I do want to receive flowers.

My husband, on the other hand, has never been the romantic type. He's more so the typical husband who takes care of the bills, the food on the table and the roof over our heads.

We've been together since 2001 and through all these years, he's never given me a single rose or any flower at that. It's not practical, he says. I used to feel bad during those times when Valentine's Day came and I was hoping that that'll be the year that I'd receive flowers from him. But, the flowers never came and I'd feel very sad, thinking maybe he doesn't love me that much for him to give me something that would truly make any girl happy.


Today being Valentine's Day and after seeing bouquets after bouquets of gorgeously fragrant blossoms arrive at the office for the other girls, I thought long and hard - do I still feel bad that my husband still hasn't given me any?

I was surprised when I realized that my answer is NO. I don't feel sad at all. Neither do I have any resentment that my husband isn't like some guys who'd go through so much effort on Valentine's Day just to make their girlfriends or wives feel loved.

I don't need Valentine's Day to make me feel loved because I am loved. I am loved by a husband who willingly cooks because his wife sucks in the kitchen. I am loved by a husband who, even half-heartedly, gets up on a Saturday to bring us to the mall just because I am bored to death at home. I am loved by a husband who understands my moods, knows when it is time to shut up and wait until I get over all the drama. I am loved by a husband who chose to be with me and stayed beside me for twelve long years - flaws, PMS, flab and all.


My husband may never shout it out to the world, he may never write me love letters, he may never give me flowers on Valentine's Day (or on any other day) - but I don't need any of it. Because Valentine's Day is not about how huge your bouquet is or how red your roses are. Valentine's Day is all about love. I am loved - every single day of the year. And I'd rather have that than the reddest of all roses on Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Drooling Over a Cheese Steak Sandwich (A Challenge to Self)

The husband and I are great fans of the show Man vs Food hosted by Adam Richman at TLC only because of the mostly ginormous and mouth-watering food that they feature on the show.

We both had our mouths drooling whenever the show featured a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. I swear, this sandwich looked mighty delicious! Just look at California Pizza Kitchen's version of it. Hmm, we might have to give CPK's Cheese Steak Sandwich a try one of these days. But, what's holding me back is the price. I think it's steep for a sandwich because for that price, I know I'd be able to avail of a lunch or dinner buffet in some of the not-so-well-known restaurants. Not very practical.

CPK Cheese Steak Sandwich 450

So, I tried to search for other options on how we could have a taste of a Cheese Steak Sandwich without hurting our wallets and I arrived at only one solution. Make one myself. Now, I am scared. My culinary skills are very close to none as I can only whip up the usual adobo, sinigang, nilaga and a wide variety of anything fried.

I found a recipe over at Casa Veneracion of their own version of the Cheese Steak Sandwich and after reading through the entire thing I realized it is really not hard to cook. Ang yabang ko lang. :) But, seriously it seemed fairly easy to do, with normal ingredients that I can buy from the local grocery and very quick prep and cooking time.

I would have bought the ingredients and plan to cook my own version this coming weekend but we have events to attend so this "huge" dream of creating a Cheese Steak Sandwich would have to wait until next weekend.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Version of Rainbow Pancakes

I've been planning to make these for Johan for the past two weeks already and I have not gotten around to doing it until yesterday. Come merienda time, I started preparing the ingredients that I will be using. Seeing that I was making pancakes, the boy could not contain his excitement and was coming to and fro the kitchen and the bedroom where he was watching his cartoons.

I was only able to find red and yellow food coloring as these were the only ones available at the supermarket. I got the bear shaped cutter from Daiso for Php 88.00.

Pancake mix, medium-sized egg, food coloring, butter (missing in the photo
are cooking oil and water)

Follow the instructions on the box and prepare different containers for each color that you have. Even though I only had two shades of food color, I was able to produce a third shade by combining the red with the yellow which in turn became orange. On these containers, pour over some pancake mix and then add just a small drop of food color in each.

Since, I was only making a batch for the little boy I only cooked three small pancakes. They were so small that all three of them even fit in our frying pan.

When all three were cooked, I used the cookie cutter to create bear-shaped mini pancakes that I was so sure the boy would love.

I went to the bedroom carrying his plate of bear-shaped pancakes only to be welcomed by this sight:

The boy wasn't able to wait for his pancakes and was already sleeping soundly when I came in the room. So, I just packed away his pancakes and waited until he woke up.

Even though the pancakes were already cold when he woke up, Johan still ate the fruits of my labor with much gusto! This makes me want to really, really want try and learn how to cook so I can create more nice-looking (and healthy) food for Johan.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I am not Super Nanay, no matter how hard I try to be one. You see, I work full time for eight hours a day, five days a week and then I shift to Mommy mode in the evenings. The thought of going home to my son after every working day is what helps me make it through those tiring eight hours.

Those quiet nights that I get to bond with my son and make up for all the times that I wasn't with him are what I value the most. Add to that the relaxing weekends that we get to spend as a family. We normally just lounge around the house, read books and really, just relax and enjoy each other's company.

That is why weekends are sacred to me, these were the only times that I get to have two full days to take care of my son, be with the husband and well, do everything that has to be done at home. While my little boy takes his afternoon nap, I sneek away and clean the house. Cleaning is therapeutic to me because it gives me the chance to get rid of clutter and make space for new things. Plus, who doesn't like a clean, fresh-smelling home? However, cleaning up makes so much noise that it wakes up the kid before nap time is up.

That's why I am so glad that Electrolux came out with the Ultrasilencer Green, their quietest vacuum cleaner ever!

Now I won't have to worry about my son waking up in the middle of my cleaning sessions. What's even better is that not only do I have a silent cleaning tool and a cleaner home, I also get to save on electricity as the Ultrasilencer Green is energy efficient and consumes 40% lower than most vacuum cleaners. 

I am so excited to try the Ultrasilencer Green and I think this is just what every mother needs.

To know more about Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green and other products visit the following:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Trip to Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans in Tagaytay is my happy place. Aside from the very, very delicious Blueberry Cheesecake and strong Barako coffee, the ambiance of this place is undeniably relaxing.

Bag of Beans Bakery
Stairs leading down to Bag of Beans' open dining area

We had the opportunity to return to Bag of Beans for hubby's birthday and we're so lucky that the place is deserted except for the very few customers that were lounging in the open dining area. I appreciated the place even more with lesser people as we get to hear the birds sing and just enjoy our hot mugs of coffee and delicious desserts in absolute serenity.

We were able to dine in one of the cabanas when we were there. Normally during the weekends, a cabana is available for a consumable amount of Php 1,000 whereas during the weekdays, one can stay in a cabana regardless of the amount of your order.

Mango Shake - Php 125.00
Banana Split - Php 150.00
Blueberry Cheesecake - Php 150.00 and Freshly Brewed Barako Coffee - Php 95.00 (Add Php 25.00 to
go bottomless on the Barako Coffee)
Here's the little boy enjoying his share of Banana Split

I ordered the Banana Split initially just for the kids but it was so huge that we were all able to have spoonfuls of this cooling dessert. Johan absolutely loved it! MIL ordered Mango Shake which she wasn't able to finish so she shared it with her grandkids as well. Hubby and I shared a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake, our favorite and we both had Barako Coffee. It was the first time I tried Kapeng Barako and I would say that it is deliciously strong. Perfect for my caffeine-addicted taste buds.

Hubby with Johan, MIL and Johan's cousin Angel
This was taken right after we arrived and I guess, after seeing how comfy the daybed looked, the boy
thought it's time for his afternoon nap
I love how they used old Capiz windows and turned them into the doors to their bathrooms
Charming above counter ceramic sinks 
The kids looking at the birds
The husband looking all relaxed and cozy (and full hehe)

The place, the food and the great customer service are the reasons why going to Bag of Beans is always a good experience. Definitely highly recommended.

Bag of Beans Coffee Shop, Bakeshop and Restaurant
115 Aguinaldo Highway,
Mendez Crossing West,
Tagaytay City

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