Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

I know all moms would be able to relate to this video. I was in tears by the end of it and I learned to appreciate  more all the small things that truly matter the most.

After watching the video, I vow to spend more "ordinary days" with Johan. After all, these ordinary days are those that are far more perfect than the rest.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Johan's Day Out with Loli and Papa Lolo

Last Thursday, my parents went to our house to get Johan. My MIL, who was the one taking care of him, had to go somewhere so there will be nobody left to look after my son. I am just so blessed to have a great support system like hubby's mom and my own family. They all made my switching from SAHM to working mom easier because I won't have to worry every time I leave for work, my son will be left in very good, loving hands.

Anyway, back to last Thursday. I was a bit worried because Johan's not that familiar with my parents. Yes, he would let them carry him but I was always with him when they do. But, my son surprised me. He went with his Papa Lolo, my father, when they arrived at our house. My mom told me Johan was well-behaved the entire time they were commuting from our house to the mall and how he ran around the mall and had fun with the rides. I am one proud mom when my mom told me Johan has good manners. Whenever his mouth is messy after drinking milk or eating he would instantly wipe it with his burp cloth, just as I taught him. And there was a time when another kid approached the "animal" he was riding to touch it, but Johan didn't get mad and kicked/pushed the other kid, like some kids would, he merely looked at the other kid.

I just pity my parents when I met up with them after work to pick up Johan. My parents look so tired! And it was just after a day of spending it with my son. He really is a very active toddler and looking after him, err, let me correct that, running after him can be really draining!

But, thank you Loli and Papa Lolo for always being there for Johan.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Greets Me in the Morning

The sunrise and the cityscape of Alabang. 

Working on the penthouse of a high-rise building really has its perks and one of these is this great view every morning. What a way to start a working day, right?

I bask in this view every morning while sipping free and unlimited hot caffe latte or capuccino from the office vendo machine.

Coffee is love, indeed.
How can it ever get better than this?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

If You Have a Boy...

...most likely your son would have put some of his toys at very odd places around the house.

Like my Johan did.

A basketball hoop on the headboard

A lonely ball behind the bedroom door

A dump truck and another ball under the living room chair

And the winner of all...

A matchbox car in Mommy's fave flats

Happy weekend everybody!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Johan's Great Escape

He tried it so many times and failed.

Until yesterday.

Hubby was in front the computer with his back to Johan, who was in his crib that time watching the Baby First Channel. He heard Johan call out to him but didn't mind him thinking he just wants to have the channel changed...until he heard something drop on the floor.

Johan has gotten out of his crib all by himself. He used one of his pillows, stepped on it, hoisted himself up the railings and out of his crib. The "drop" that hubby heard was Johan's buttocks hitting the floor. The sound wasn't that loud so hubby assumed Johan must have stepped on the crib's mattress from the outside and just fell sitting down. The distance from the mattress to the floor is merely seven inches, I should know - I measured it just now. =)

According to hubby Johan didn't cry. He even gave hubby a really naughty smile, as if saying, "I finally escaped!" and then stood up and walked out of the room.

I know I should have been worried and hysterical about the whole thing but I am not, well, I was at first. But when hubby told me Johan just smiled at him and didn't appear to be hurt, I am nothing but a very proud Mommy to a little boy who's growing every minute and growing up to be a very independent, creative little boy at that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Love Day

No, these didn't came from hubby. The cupcake was given to everybody in our company courtesy of our boss and the single red rose came from an office mate who gave out roses to every girl in our batch. Sweet, eh?

Even though hubby and I never really celebrated the "Love Day" since we met, it does not mean that we love each other less. It can be Valentine's Day everyday if we put a little bit of effort to make our significant others feel special. Love shouldn't be celebrated for just one day, it needs to be proclaimed every single day of every year, right? Right!

So, to my dear hubby, who finds Valentine's Day overly "baduy", Happy Hearts Day! I don't really care if you never, ever give me roses or chocolates on Valentine's Day because every single day that I get to spend with you and Johan is already overflowing with love that is enough to last me my entire lifetime. I love you and Johan so much.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crying Moments

I miss Johan terribly since I started working again. It's kind of a good thing that phones are prohibited in our working areas so that takes my mind off texting my MIL every so often to check on Johan. I am only able to call during lunch.

Since my first day out of the house, Johan never cried. Yes, he now wakes up the same time I do but once I turn on the television and tune in to the Baby First Channel or Disney Jr., I am free to do what I have to do before going to work - like prepare my "baon", wash his bottles, prepare what he will wear for the day, line up his vitamins, make lists and prepare myself for work.

But, yesterday was different. He cried when I went out of the house and was still crying when I boarded the jeepney. That's when I realized how hard it is to leave him behind. I wanted to get off the jeepney and return home to him. It felt like my heart was being crushed and I was in tears myself. Even when I recounted the story to my officemate, I felt like crying. It made me think if I am really doing the right thing of going back to work.

I sent a text brigade to my sisters, my mom and my cousins who are moms themselves. I am sure they'll understand how I was feeling and I trust they'll give me good advice. Unsurprisingly,  they did understand and they all said the same thing - it is just a phase. It will pass and there will come a time when Johan will get used to me going to work but he'll know that I will always return home at the end of the day.

When I stayed at home with Johan, it was hard doing all the work - taking care of him, doing the housework, trying to be a good wife to husband - but now that I am a working mom, I now understand it is doubly hard. I have to be in control of my emotions every morning when I leave for work and I have to keep myself from worrying too much if Johan's doing okay at home.

All moms would love to be always there for their kid, their presence in their kid's life is tantamount to the kid's well-being but I'd like to think that it is otherwise. The child's presence in his mom's life makes all the difference and it is not really great to be apart 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. =(

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Working Me

As I've said before, I started working again last Friday. Today's my third day in training and it's been nothing but information overload since yesterday. Even though I'm slightly familiar with the terminologies because the position I have now is almost identical as to the one I held when I was still connected with AIG, still it's an effort to remember all the information being thrown at us (me and batchmates).

I belong to Batch 7 and there are 18 of us, the largest group of new hires. As expected, everybody came from different walks of life - there are the moms, the dads, the singles. I am currently in buddies with two dads, one mom, one single lady and three single guys.

What I love about my new job is the shift. I'm on the day shift, from 8am to 5:30pm - permanently, with weekends off. That is a huge thing for me having worked on the night shift almost my entire working life. Another plus is the field of work which I am highly interested in and one which will allow me to be a licensed of after two years.

So far, the people I've met were very welcoming and accommodating. The way I see it, everybody in my batch are fast learners. That is great because that'll give us a chance to shorten our probationary period to less than six months making us regular employees which means = salary increase + additional perks/benefits!

More stories in the coming days, for now, gotta bond with Johan before bedtime.

Goodnight everybody!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How was my First Day?

I think I did pretty well.

Johan woke up almost the same time I did. He asked to be carried and I gave in while I cooked my baon for work. Good thing he let me put him down in his crib when it was time for me to take a bath.

He stayed awake until I left for work and the "tearful goodbye" (from me) that I was expecting to happen surprisingly did not take place. Though I felt really sad that I was leaving him behind, I felt more energized, refreshed and very ready to take on new roles.

Of course, I missed him the entire day. Especially when 10 o'clock struck because that was the time I usually give him his bath. During the orientation at work, I secretly sent text messages to my MIL asking how Johan was doing, if he already took his vitamins, how many bottles of milk has he consumed already or has he taken his naps.

I promised myself that I will stay calm and won't worry too much. But, the mom in me just can't help it. It's in my blood to worry.

When I arrived home, Johan was already sleeping and I think that was the saddest thing. I thought he will still be up and will welcome me with his killer smile. But he did not.

I wish he will wait for me next time.

(Oh and as for work, everything went great. I expected it to so I'm not really that worried about that. More stories in the coming days.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prescription Drugs made Cheaper

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And It's Starting to Sink In

One more day.

That's what I have left to spend with Johan before I start working full time again on Friday and the truth is I'm beginning to feel the anxiety building up - not the anxiety of meeting new people, the challenges that come with the new job, dealing with bosses - but I'm more worried about leaving Johan at home.

Frankly speaking, I've been maintaining a strong composure the last few weeks and it is only now that I really felt sad.

Sad that I won't be the one giving Johan his daily baths (except weekends during my days off).
Sad that I won't be with Johan when he's watching his favorite shows and see him laugh at the same scene during Harry the Bunny.
Sad that I won't be there when he calls out "Na, na, na" every time he wakes up from his naps.
Sad that I won't be able to kiss his chubby cheeks as much as I used to.
Sad that he might still be sleeping when I leave for work and already asleep when I come home.
Sad that I won't be able to tell him "I love you" a thousand times a day as I used to.

I know that some of you may perceive me to be overreacting but these are the "Mommy hormones" kicking in. I know Mommies, working or not, understand what I am going through.

I'm gonna miss our bonding times, baby. =(

It is hard. And I'm in a crying mess right now.

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