Monday, September 16, 2013

Books We Love: How do I Love You?

How do I Love You is written and illustrated by P. K. Hallinan and is one of our current favorite reads during bedtime. Johan loves the illustrations while the words sends me close to tears every time. Read why:

How do I love you?
Let me count the ways.
I love you on your very best
and very worst of days.
I love to see you laughing and dancing in the rain;
And even when you lose your shoes, I love you just the same.
I love to hear you singing.
I love to see you smile.
I love the way you take each day in your own unhurried style.
I’m happy when you’re happy,
and I’m sorry when you’re sad.
And even though it may not show, I love you when you’re bad.
How do I love you? Well, now let me see…
I love the way you act so brave when you fall and hurt your knee.
I love to watch you sleeping, tucked away in dreams,
I love to hear you whisper all your giant plans and schemes.
I love the way you wear your pants with the front part in the back.
And the way you walk around sometimes with your head inside a sack.
I love to see you deep in thought.
I love to watch you play.
And though I’m sure you’ll never know it, I love you more each day.
How do I love you? It’s impossible to say.
For if I had a million days and time enough for all the praise,
I couldn’t tell you all the ways…I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Friday Food Trip - Uncle Cheffy

It's been awhile since me and my friends went out on a Friday to try out something new. The past couple of weeks have been hectic at work and we even had to report at the office on a Saturday to meet our deadlines. So, I would say that this Fridate is very, very well deserved.

We went to Uncle Cheffy in Molito, just a short walk away from the office. I've read a lot of great reviews about their Panizza and Ribs, so those were what we ordered along with a few other items on their menu.

East Meets West - Parma ham, salami, kesong puti,
salted eggs, tomatoes, mango  (495.00)

Seafood Lovers - Salmon, shrimp, clams, squid, herbs, onion
and 3 cheese (425.00)
We ordered two types of Panizzas - the Seafood Lovers and East Meets West. It was my first time to try a Panizza and I would say that I loved it! To eat a Panizza, you have to take a slice of panizza, put any or all of the three additional toppings composed of Alfalfa sprouts, tomato salsa and lettuce and roll them all together like a Burrito.

Panizza toppings - Alfalfa Sprouts, Tomato Salsa and Lettuce
Panizza rolls
Next up is the Memphis Barbeque U.S. Beef Rib Finger. The Memphis Barbeque U.S. Beef Rib Finger came with marble potatoes and some side salad. The ribs are very soft and tender and the sauce tangy. We liked it though we find the meat a bit on the dry side.

Memphis Barbeque U.S. Beef Rib Finger (695.00)
We also ordered the following:

Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad (295.00)
Tiuey Noodles (295.00)
Pasta Carbonara (390.00)
The salad is great though I didn't eat much since I am already having salad every night for dinner, the Tiuey Noodles is a must try while the Carbonara is, well, Carbonara.

All in all, it was a great experience. Well, actually, all meals in whatever restaurant (kahit turo-turo pa yan!) if shared with these guys will always be special and fun and crazy.

Oh yes, we are a crazy bunch!

Total Costs:
Php 295.00 - Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad
       695.00 - Memphis BBQ
       295.00 - Tiuey Noodles
       390.00 - Pasta Carbonar
       425.00 - Seafood Lovers Panizza
       495.00 - East Meets West Panizza
Php 2595.00

The best Brick Oven BBQ & Panizza!

Uncle Cheffy
Bldg. 6 Cluster 1 Unit no. 7B and Roofdeck Molito 
Madrigal Ave. corner Alabang-Zapote Road
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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