Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Family

My MIL who is the one taking care of Johan had to go somewhere yesterday and won't be back until Sunday. I am thankful to hubby for filing for a two-day vacation leave (instead of me, because I've no VLs yet at work) to take care of Johan. 

Johan finally completed the Angel of God prayer that I've been teaching him every night. Well, he's not memorized it yet but he completed saying the prayer after me. The first few nights that I taught him the prayer, it's either he got distracted by toys or he fell asleep. 

This has been a very, very busy week at work and at home. Last Tuesday, my in-laws had to attend a dancing competition of hubby's niece. I am very thankful to hubby's brother in law for being patient in looking after Johan as he roamed across the school grounds.

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