Friday, March 15, 2013

Sorting Shapes

This is another good find from Pinterest and when I saw this, I instantly thought my son would love it! So, I cut the shapes last night when he was sleeping and surprised Johan when he woke up this morning.

I first taped one of each shape onto the wall for Johan to follow. He's pretty much too excited to stick all the shapes that I can see him getting impatient with me while I cut the tape and give him just one shape at a time.


I love it that he tells me the shape before taping it to the wall and even though they're not in perfect alignment, I am just too proud that my son already knows his shapes. This might be a good idea to teach him the alphabet, too, don't you think?

We'll do it next time and maybe colors too.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Tot Activities

We started the day with me sticking alphabet and counting numbers charts on our wall. The little boy became really excited and even looked for a stick to point out the letters. But, he seemed only interested on three letters - the letter C for Cake, M for Milk and O for Orange. It looked like someone's already asking for recess even before the lesson actually started. :)

Leaning the alphabet

We next tried to be creative with Art Attack's Interlocking Popsicle Sticks. It was hard to create things with these sticks even after looking at some photos on the internet on what we can possibly make. In the end we only made a couple of cages, more like pig pens really, and we had blue-stained hands. It was fun, nevertheless, and I'm sure the little boy enjoyed every minute of it because even his Dad took part in creating the cages/pig pens.

Art Attack's Interlocking Popsicle Sticks

I am constantly, constantly searching for activities that Johan can enjoy especially every weekend when we are all together. So far, so good. Now, I am looking forward to a long four-day weekend as I will be on leave beginning Thursday, March 14th, because my MIL will be leaving for Bicol for a vacation. I have to stock up on arts and crafts and search more on what Johan and I can do on those four days.

By the way, I purchased all of these from National Bookstore, my all time happy place. The charts cost Php 22.75 each and the Art Attack Interlocking Popsicle Sticks at Php 29.00 only.

R&R: Spa on the Go


The husband and I have been planning to have a couple's massage for the last 3 or so weeks. We just didn't have the time until last weekend when we both cannot handle our back aches any longer, add to that the leg pains that we had after we went jogging the morning of last Sunday.

So after grocery shopping last Sunday afternoon, we headed straight to the Spa near our home. Spa on the Go in Dasmariñas, Cavite will fool you from the outside. It sure looked smaller but you'd be surprised once you're inside as they have a lot of rooms and they even have a sauna room. I was not allowed to take pictures of the interior and when I asked the receptionist why, she just told me it's because they are just a franchise. I didn't get it, but oh well, no pictures. :(

While we were waiting at the reception area, a lady took our blood pressure and then our feet were washed in separate basins by our respective massage therapists. We were then given a pair of closed rubber slippers each (which I find icky, btw) and were ushered to the couple's room.

We chose an hour of foot and body massage in the combination of Swedish and Shiatsu. Our massage therapists left us for a while to give us time to change into the two pair of shorts that we were provided with. Mine is huge but I didn't asked it to be replaced anymore since I will be lying down the entire time.

The massage started with our therapists stating the time that we started and the time that the service will end. They massaged our feet first then massaged their way up to our scalps. I loved the foot massage the best while the body massage is just okay. Not really great because my back is still aching when we went home. Also, I'd much rather have the sound of flowing water as my background music instead of classical music. I get relaxed more when I listen to it.

As for the husband, while we were still being massaged and I was about to ask him what he thinks, I suddenly heard snoring (which he vehemently denied when we're on the way home). So, I think he liked the massage pretty well. :)

My rating: three out of five stars. I commend the friendly staff, the great lighting, the foot massage and the comfy beds but they should change their icky slippers and their background music. But then, these are just my personal thoughts.

Would I visit again? Probably, if only for the foot massage.

Total costs:
Couple's Foot and Body Massage
Combination of Swedish and Shiatsu
Php 700++ (350 each + tip)

Spa on the Go
Lot 5 Blk 5 Marilag Subd., Brgy. Zone 4
Aguinaldo Hi-way Dasmarinas, Cavite
+632915 292 06 09
+632920 246 24 69

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shoe Organizing

I actually don't own a lot of pair (that's why my sisters and I are planning a trip to Liliw, Laguna this month), but the very few that I have are in such a mess and though shameful to admit, how they are stored are really kadiri. Just look:

I can't believe I haven't thrown out those very old, very dirty pair of slippers before today! What was I thinking?! I have been telling myself again and again that I will organize my shoes but I haven't gotten around to actually doing it until today. 

A few weeks ago, my sister Lhai introduced me to and there I found the cheapest plastic shoe box organizer priced at only Php 29.00 each! 

I immediately asked her to place my order of 10 shoe boxes alongside hers so we could avail of the free shipping promo when you reach Php 1,000 worth of items. She delivered my order last Thursday and today, I finally tidied up my shoes and look at how organized they are now:

I threw away some pairs, gave a few to the yaya next door and kept all the good, usable ones in these wonderful shoe boxes. Now, I feel a lot better because the cluttered stack of shoe boxes before are now an eyesore no more.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Food Trip: Quiznos

My officemate, TJ, has been going on and on about this restaurant since the day we went to Army Navy. He's been wanting to try out the toasted subs in Quiznos and when I checked out some reviews, I realized we really should give this a try.

So, off we went to Quiznos at the Alabang Town Center as soon as work was finished.

Their ATC branch is quite small and upon counting the number of stools, it appeared that they can only accommodate twelve people. It's a good thing that there were no other diners when we arrived so we got the place all to ourselves. Besides, the staff are very friendly and service is really fast.

Even if I already read positive reviews about their subs, we still asked their ATC staff which their bestsellers are and when we were told that they are Classic Traditional and the Double Cheese Cheesesteak, these were what we all ordered. Upon ordering, you are to choose the size of your sub - you can choose from Small (5 inches), Regular (8 inches) or Large (11inches). We were all scared to try the bigger sizes so we settled for the 5-inch ones instead.

You will also be asked what kind of bread you want. We were given these choices - Italian White, Rosemary Parmesan, or Artisan Wheat. Three of us ordered the Traditional, TJ ordered the Classic Club and our friend, Vanessa, ordered the Double Cheese Cheesesteak.

Classic Traditional - Roast Beef, Chicken Breast, Ham, Cheddar,
Black Olives, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Ranch - P 125

Classic Club - All natural Chicken Ham, Smokey Bacon, Cheddar, Tomatoes,
Lettuce and Mayonnaise - P 125

Double Cheese Cheesesteak - Steak, Double All natural Swiss, Sauteed Onions
and Mayonnaise - P 195

Believe me when I say that even the 5-inch subs are ginormous! We all had a difficult time finishing our subs, well except for TJ given that he really is still a guy. He ate super fast and was done in no time. I found it hard to take a bite because even if I pressed the sub to flatten it, it still won't fit my mouth. But I have to say that the Traditional is very good. The veggies are fresh, the bread perfectly toasted, the meat tender and all together, it's a gastronomic feast!

Quiznos Batch 83 Four Pepper Chili Sauce and Medium Rootbeer (P 45)

Don't forget to ask the staff for the Batch 83 Four Chili Pepper Sauce. This sauce is neither to chili nor too sweet and I love it.

My Traditional Sub with a few drops of Batch 83 Four Pepper Chili Sauce

I first put a few drops in my sub to test if I can take the "hotness" of the sauce but when I found out it's not even hot at all, I used the sauce ala siopao sauce style and put some on the sub before every bite. It is good, I tell ya.

My tummy is so full after I finished my sub, which was surprising because I usually cannot finish a sandwich this big. Heck, I wasn't even able to finish my Army Navy burger the last time we went there and that is relatively smaller compared to Quiznos' subs.

Our Friday Food Trip ended up really well - with our tummies full, cravings satisfied and hearts filled with laughter over jokes and random chismis shared over every bite.

Is Quiznos deserving of a second visit? Yes, because I definitely would like to try the Double Cheese Cheesesteak next time!
Total Costs:
Php 500.00 - 4 Traditional subs
Php 125.00 - 1 Classic Club
Php 195.00 - 1 Double Cheese CheeseSteak
Php 225.00 - 5 medium sized softdrinks
Php   25.00 - 1 bottled water
Php 1070.00

Get ready to start toasting!

Cinema Complex
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines

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