Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kurdapya Meets World First Giveaway!


Kurdapya Meets World is hosting her first every giveaway and up for grabs is this pink bag. All the kikay ladies, I’m sure you’re wanting to have this as much as me. I’m loving the bright color and I think this would be a great accessory to glam up any simple outfit of mine. Love, love, love!

For information on how to join click on the image above or click here.

Please visit Kurdapya’s other blogs as well.
Good luck!

I’m Addicted!


The Angry Birds application that used to be only available to Iphone but I was able to download a copy for PC. I tell you, this game is really addicting and really funny. I find myself laughing out loud when the birds don’t hit the pigs but hit the structures/walls instead. The sound effects are great and the animation is very, very cool.

angry3 My “birds” waiting to be released from the slingshot

angry2The annoying pig with the devilish grin after my birds missed hitting it.

If you want to download this too, send me a message and I will give the link to you. This is it for now, I’m going back to my game and hit this annoying pig!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Do they still have brains? - Edited

I removed the video as posting it and allowing it to be viewed numerous times is violation to the child again and again.

I’m referring to the parents of Jan-jan, the staff of the show, the producers, the audience and Mr. Willie Revillame. Are your brains still running, people?

How could you enjoy watching this? The poor kid was crying while dancing, clearly showing his discomfort over what he was doing and everybody at the studio was laughing and egging him on to continue. I know that his parents may have taken this chance to get hold of some money but is it worth to degrade a child and lose his dignity just for some cash? How can we allow the TV network to produce a show like this that demoralizes people and exploits the poor or their dreams in this manner? If you really want to help, there are other ways than exploitation.

While you’re here, read the Letter of Secretary Soliman to Manny Pangilinan on the ordeal of Jan-Jan Estrada during the March 12, 2011 episode of Willing Willie.

Or take part on the signature campaign and sign the petition here.

We can do better than this. I’m sure of it. Let's prove it.

And to all the people behind the show and to those who had fun while watching this take place, are you sure your brains are at the right places? Please check again because I think I just saw your brains drop at the soles of your feet.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy Moments – White

mommy moments

Here is my entry for today’s Mommy Moments with the theme White.

66315_449951932327_521122327_5180062_1954428_nJohan when he arrived on October 4, 2010 

DSCF3108And here he is five months after 

How time really flies. My little boy is not so little anymore.. =)

Happy Mommy Moments!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby’s Development

I am subscribed to and everyday I receive a daily digest from the website. Just yesterday I received an email with the subject “Is your baby's development on track?”. Of course, I want to know if Johan’s development is on track, so I immediately clicked on the link and found this:

(Click on the chart to know more)

I read every month and compared it to Johan’s development and I realized Johan is advanced for his age of five months! He even have the skills advanced for a sixth month old! Here’s a rundown:
  • on his first month he can already smile, in fact, he smiled his first just three days after he was born!
DSCF0414 Taken on October 7, 2010 at 7:19pm. Smiling in his sleep.
  • A few days before he turned two months, he can already hold up his head.
DSCF1588 Taken on November 29, 2010 at 6:17pm. That was his Daddy carrying him in a sitting position without having to support Johan’s neck/head.
  • When he turned three months, he can already put his hands together. 
DSCF2698 Taken on January 4, 2011 at 6:33pm
  • He first uttered his first syllable when he turned 4 months, he said one quick “yak” and I’m pretty sure I heard him say “Maa maa”. I have a witness – hubby also heard it. Sadly though I wasn’t able to capture it on video.

  • Now at five months, he’s constantly putting things in his mouth. Constant victim is his Barney teether.
DSCF4029 Taken at March 5, 2011 at 2:08pm
  • At almost six months, he can now utter “Daa-ddi” much to hubby’s delight, he can now drag his toys towards him and he’s starting to crawl.
DSCF4339Well, he usually falls face first but he can definitely move inch by inch if I put something in front of him to motivate him to crawl. This was taken on March 20, 2011 at 9:31am

I’m one proud Mommy knowing that Johan is advanced in his development but I’m a little bit scared realizing that my son is really growing up so fast and sooner than I expect it, he’ll be a baby no more.

DSCF4346Mommy and Daddy love you to bits, Johan. Please be a baby a little bit longer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I’m Scared

The last few weeks have been scary: with the news on the war in Libya and Bahrain, the recent earthquake in Japan followed by a deadly tsunami and the earthquake yesterday that rocked some parts of our country.

I didn’t feel the earthquake. At the exact moment that news anchor Mel Tiangco announced on TV that there was an earthquake, me and Johan are playing on the mattress on the floor and we did not feel a thing. I immediately pinged hubby on YM and asked how he was doing. He is working on the 37th floor of the RCBC Plaza in Makati. He told me that they did feel the earthquake but it did not last long. Still, I was scared.

What if what happened to Japan happen to us here in the Philippines? Knock on wood, but what if it does? Are we prepared enough for the worst? I’m scared for my own family. Ultimately, I’m scared for my son. Hubby and I can definitely care for ourselves and I’m sure we can survive days without food or water. But, what about Johan? What if I wasn’t able to bring enough supplies for him? Worst comes to worst, what if me and hubby perished? What will happen to our son?

I know, I’m being morbid here but I cannot put these things out of my head with everything that’s been going on with the rest of the world. What I can only do is pray, pray really hard that He keep us safe. Lord, please keep us together and please take care of Johan.


Monday, March 21, 2011

So Far, So Good

I’ve posted here that I will be training Johan to sleep on his own. That post was dated March 12. After our first try to put Johan to sleep using the Sear’s Method, we gave up out of frustration – Johan was crying his lungs out, Mommy was close to tears herself, Daddy was undecided who to console first, the baby or the Mommy. Hehe.

After a week, I decided to give it a try once more.So, last Saturday, I declared it a no-swaying day for Johan. We started the day right, woke up and went out to have our daily dose of sunshine. Then Johan took his bath around 9am, I give him his bottle right after and put him in his crib. He was out just a few minutes after I put him down! This continued on the entire day with Johan sleeping on his own every time he was put down, probably because he was too tired after our rounds of playtime.

Later in the afternoon, I gave him his sponge bath at the usual time of 5pm. This is the time that I prep him up for bedtime. I can tell that he’s already sleepy because he was already fussy even if we go out of the house. So, after his sponge bath, I gave him a bottle and put him down. He refused to sleep! He was screaming and crying but I stood my ground and did not carry him. I soothe him while he’s in his crib, I sang to him and I whisper to him. He finally slept – after two hours! Well, at least I did not carry him.

So, that happened last Saturday. It’s already Monday and I’m proud to say that my Johan is now sleeping on his own and it takes us lesser and lesser time each day. We hope this routine keeps up. Good job, Johan!

DSCF4363 Taken just a few minutes before writing this post

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shen's Addiction 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

I'm joining Shen's Addiction Anniversary Giveaway!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

I Love Pantene!

I’ve been using Pantene for the longest time and I really love how it makes my hair soft and smelling fresh all day. When I learned that Pantene is having a promo, I immediately joined Pantene Nature Care’s Facebook Promo where I answered the question “Why do you want hair that bounces naturally with new Pantene Nature Care?” Guess what? I won!


Today I got my prize in the mail which is a tub of Pantene Nature Care Intensive Penetrating Treatment.


I can’t wait to try it and see how it works.

Mommy Moments – Purple

mommy moments

  Here is my entry for this week’s Mommy Moments.

DSCF1967Johan and his favorite purple dinosaur

DSCF2881Johan peacefully sleeping in a purple wrap

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The S&R Sale

Yesterday was the first day of the 5-day Member’s Treat at S&R. My sister is a member and she invited me together with our other family members to go with her to buy some stuff because she said that there would be great deals at the sale. We planned to arrive as soon as the store opens at 8am. We were there at around 8:15 – 8:30 am and already, the line just to get a push cart is really, really, really long. What we did was we asked our father to fall in line to get a pushcart and we’ll proceed inside to do our shopping.

It was jampacked! The aisles were crowded and it was hard to walk around with me carrying Johan and my cousin trying to hold on to her three year old toddler. There were indeed great deals: some toiletries were on “buy one, take one” promo, huge discounts on most household items, dinnerware, beddings, chocolates and other imported stuff. I wasn’t able to find some toys for Johan but I was able to buy him some Nuby bottles priced at Php 170.00 for three and Nuby pacifiers at Php 90.00 for two. I was also able to buy myself the Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz Shampoo and three packs of Snickers and Butterfinger to replenish my anti-post-partum stash.

We were done with our shopping after more or less two hours. My father was still outside in line for a push cart so we just hauled our items in the canvass bags that we brought and put everything in a box and pushed and pulled while we were in line for the counter. It is already 10am by then and the line was not moving. We just busied ourselves with small talk and gossip, going out every now and then to change shifts with other members of the family who lounged at the dining area eating an oversized pizza and drinking bottomless soda and iced tea. Time passed and we realized it was already 3pm, we’re still in line and moving at a snail’s pace. Guess what time we reached the counter? 9 pm!!!! We were there for 12 hours, only 2 of which were spent on the shopping itself and 10 freaking hours were spent waiting in line. So, will I go again next year? Never, not even in my dreams. (Although, I might ask my sister to buy some stuff for me. Hee hee!)

Here are some pictures:

DSCF4183People waiting and dining 

 DSCF4197 The long line to the counter

DSCF4181 Oversized Pizza at Php 550.00

 DSCF4192My sister waiting in line. Look at what she’s sitting on. We used three of those styrofoam ice buckets for us to sit on while waiting in line. 

DSCF4188My sister goofing off with our S&R bottomless drink. I think S&R lost a lot  of money on these bottomless drinks yesterday with the many customers (and guests) going back and forth to refill their cups. We only bought two priced at Php 45.00 each and shared those two cups among ourselves. There were seven of us adults and one toddler.

I know, we should have been very frustrated after waiting in line for 10 hours. But, instead we used the time we have to bond (even if only for useless gossip that is mostly about how the rich people go gaga over sales like this) and who would be mad if you have this with you:


Unfortunately, he didn’t escape the crazy minds of his own Mommy, Ninang Yaya and Ninang Tit An who came up with taking this shot:


We’re sorry, baby. It won’t happen again. Well, not at S&R at least.

How about you, how was your S&R shopping?

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Banderitas

My cousin made some banderitas with Johan’s name for his christening that we used to liven up the reception venue. Here’s a photo from that day:

I love it so much that I kept it for future use but I didn’t know where I could use it until the other day when Johan is being so restless that he’s still squirming even after me and hubby took turns in carrying him. So, how did the banderitas help soothe Johan-the-wriggler?

I put the banderitas in his crib! He loved the loud colors and it did pacify him if only for a bit. I know it does not look that good but it served its purpose that day which is to stop this not-so-little boy from giving his Mommy and Daddy serious arm ache if we continue to carry his 8.4 kilograms weight.

So, where are the banderitas now? Still in his crib but put up in a much nicer position.


Mommy’s resourcefulness: check!
Mommy’s creativity: check!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Sleep: The Sears Method

Although Johan now sleeps almost all through the night, only waking up once or twice to feed, it is always a huge effort to put him to sleep. He refuses to be put down, oftentimes crying out loud when I put him down to allow my arms to rest for a while. I have started a routine starting at five in the afternoon. First, we would go outside for a walk with Johan in his stroller and when he became a bit fussy outside, usually around six in the evening, then I would bring him in, do his sponge bath, feed and dance till he’s asleep.

I want to train Johan to sleep on his own without the need for motion. Some parents would say that I’m teaching my son independence at a very early age but, really, after doing the household chores and taking care of a baby, it can get pretty tiring at the end of the day. Johan weighs 8.4kg as of his last check up which was last Tuesday, March 8, so he really is heavy on my arms and back.

I’m such a fan of because I learned a lot from this site given that I’m a new mom and need lots of help. I came across the Sears Method of putting the baby to sleep. Some moms would resort to leaving the baby crying till he gets tired and goes to sleep on his own. I do not agree with this as I think the baby would feel like he’s being abandoned if he is left by himself. The Sears Method is a no-tears way of putting the baby to sleep and I can’t wait to try this with Johan. We’ll start tomorrow.

To watch the video on the Sears Method please click here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy Moments - Green

mommy moments

Here is Johan in Mommy’s green SaYa Carrier while malling:


Our small family of three during the 2010 Christmas Reunion of the Tan family:


We’re all wearing our “uniform” green shirts with this print:


Happy Mommy Moments!


Hubby and I have been contemplating on purchasing a car now that we have a baby. It is so hard to go to places on commute or by cab with a baby in tow, what with the many stuff we have to bring with us. So, we’re now saving up for a car and hopefully we can buy one this year. We’re looking for something a little bit big so it would be easy to lug all of Johan’s stuff without taking up all the space inside the vehicle. Getting the Chevrolet Silverado is never far from our minds. This would be perfect for road trips!

But, I’m a bit worried about safety because driving around these days has been difficult with the many road accidents that happen everywhere. I’m scared that the tires would burst or the brakes would fail. We would have to find a mechanic who could do an awesome brake job so I could drive fear-free of the brakes failing. It’s also a good thing that there many Dallas auto repair shops that I could run to for our auto repair needs.

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