Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Focus: My 2018 Word of the Year

I've read the book The Secret, applied the Law of Attraction, did vision boards and everything proved effective to me in that past. Before 2017 ended, there was a discussion within our group about everybody's theme or word for the year. 

I never really did this before so deciding on my word for 2018 was difficult. I wanted a lot of things to materialize in my life - love, happiness, financial stability, more time with family. Since, I have a lot to stuff that I needed to concentrate on, I decided that my word for 2018 would be Focus.

For my family
I want me and the husband to make more memories this year. It doesn't matter if we go somewhere near or on a road trip or a plane ride away - I just want me, the husband and the kids to try new experiences. I want my husband to explore more, to go outside of his comfort zone and try out new things with the kids and myself.

Johan's schoolwork is getting complicated as he moves up one level. I never realized First Grade is going to be a hard year for both of us - 3 Filipino subjects, difficult Math lessons, memorization requirement for each subject. Lots of school projects kept me up late at night preparing for his materials, making reviewers every quarter in preparation for his exams takes up a lot of my time, even my break times at work are spent doing Johan's reviewers and projects. I need to find more ways on how to teach him, make learning easier for him. 

Jeron's development is something I've been guilty of lately. Unlike when I gave birth to Johan where I stayed home until Johan turned two, where I've been there to feed him and teach him the basics; with Jeron, I am either busy at work or busy with Johan's schoolwork. Jeron was exposed to gadgets way earlier than he is supposed to and now we are seeing the negative effects of it. I need to make more time with Jeron, to talk to him more and to hone his motor skills.

For my career
I like the industry I am in but the needs of the kids are increasing by the day and they need me more and more at home. I need to pray and focus on what I really wanted, what direction I want to be headed. Working from home is one option that we have been discussing for a while now and maybe 2018 is the year that I have to finally give it a go.

For myself
I've been giving too much of myself - to the husband, to the kids. There are more than a few times that I feel drained. I've noticed that the longing to spend time alone is getting stronger, I even thought of going to the beach alone for my birthday. I should be taking care of myself more so I can give more. I promise to pursue my passions - learn to bake, calligraphy, paint - take more pictures, open myself up to new experiences, to save, make myself happy and most importantly, to not rely my happiness on other people. 

Here's to hoping we all achieve what we are aiming for this 2018!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Food Review: Catering Trio PH

This is not a sponsored post. 

Last Christmas, my side of the family decided to go on our first ever family staycation. We were able to purchase a voucher from Deal Grocer for an overnight stay at Exchange Regency Residence Hotel in Ortigas. The unit that we booked was a two bedroom suite that came with a kitchenette with electric stove. We can actually cook inside our unit but we chose to have food delivered instead so we can all relax and just enjoy our Christmas Eve.

Weeks prior to Christmas, we already decided that we will be ordering from CCME. My sister even called their hotline to verify if they have delivery schedules for December 24th to which they confirmed. But, a week before Christmas we found out that CCME was fully booked already! We were in panic because we feared that all other food delivery suppliers will be booked by then.

My cousin recommended Catering Trio PH. She sent me their menu and we immediately called their hotline. As expected, they were fully booked for Christmas Eve but still asked for our order just in case they could squeeze us in. And they did!

They said they will be delivering our order at six o'clock in the evening but a call from the hotel's front desk came at four thirty in the afternoon informing us that Catering Trio has arrived. Talk about coming ahead of schedule!

We were impressed when the guys arrived at our room with our food. Our order came inside an insulated bag which contained a thermal food cabinet to keep our food warm. The guys from Catering Trio were very respectful and were smiling the entire time, so that is a huge plus!

We ordered the following from their menu:  Yangchow Fried Rice, Roast Beef with Mashed Potato, Garlic Chicken, Lumpiang Hubad and Baked Lasagna. We ordered 2 trays of each dish since we were expecting some of our relatives to join us for Noche Buena.

Our Noche Buena spread

Yangchow Fried Rice

Roast Beef

Garlic Chicken

Lumpiang Hubad

Baked Lasagna

They said each tray is good for 7-10 people, but it is either we are not big eaters or Catering Trio has really large servings. I say that because there were a lot of us who shared their food that Christmas Eve and we still have whole trays left of each dish the following day.

Two thumbs up for all that we ordered! Every single dish is so good but if I were to choose only one, I would recommend you get the Baked Lasagna - cooked to perfection indeed!

Catering Trio PH, you delivered food and service way beyond our expectations. You satisfied our taste buds with your delicious food, filled our tummies with your generous servings and made our Christmas 2017 even more special. We will DEFINITELY order from you again!

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For inquiries and reservations, please reach Catering Trio PH thru the following:
Facebook: Catering Trio PH
Landline: (02) 632-1211
Mobile: 0956-6481152

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Highlights of 2017

As with any other year, 2017 was a roller coaster ride. There were great things and not so great things that happened the entire year. But, I would like to focus on the good experiences that 2017 has brought us.

I must say that this year is full of surprises. First quarter of the year, my favorite cousin turned 40. I led the organizing for her surprise birthday celebration to which everybody, thankfully, were cooperative. This is the first time that I edited a video greeting and I am so glad the output turned out fine. We also achieved our goal to make her cry, haha!

We also went back to Kidzania last September with some of my cousins and Johan's cousins. It is always a fun trip whenever we go to Kidzania and I am sure this is going to be an annual thing for us. Hopefully next time the smaller cousins can join us as well.

Johan turned 7 this year and I planned a small surprise birthday celebration for him. We booked the Nicayeren Resort in Batangas that we went to last summer and invited our immediate families to help us surprise Johan. See my post here.

My Papa is a huge fan of Engelbert Humperdinck that when he found out that his idol will be having a concert at the arena close to home, he posted a Facebook status.

After he posted that, my sisters and I immediately checked online if we can afford the tickets, haha! Good thing that the venue near my parents' house did not cost too much, we were able to secure an SVIP ticket for Papa and surprised him the next day when he drove us to Taytay.

Work wise, this is the first time that our team went out of the office to celebrate Christmas. We gathered contributions and asked for pledges so we can have a raffle of some sort. We received a lot of pledges that everybody went home with something! Me and my friend, Fem, also organized a few games to everybody's delight. Seeing everybody having a good time, laughing and thanking us makes all the effort worth it. Credits to my officemates Amiel and Fem for their effort in picking up and buying the raffle prizes and thank you to the whole team for joining the games and for their monetary contribution as well. Next year ulit, guys?

As 2017 is coming to a close, this is also the first time that our family had a staycation on  Christmas Eve. We were able to get discounted vouchers for an overnight stay at Exchange Regency in Ortigas and were lucky enough that we were able to book a room for December 24. My cousin's family sent me a message telling me they will also be staying around Ortigas but their hotel room does not have the same perks as ours at Exchange Regency. My cousin's exact words, "Pwede ba kaming makisaing?" Hahaha! To which I replied, "Bakit makikisaing pa eh di dun na kayo sa amin maki-Noche Buena!". And they did! It was the most fun Christmas Eve ever!

Finally, to cap off the year, my cousins and I together with our husbands and kids trooped to the SM Mall of Asia Arena to watch Disney on Ice: Everyone's Story. I've always wanted to bring the kids here and I'm glad that we get to watch the show with the rest of their cousins. The kids had so much fun! Well, I speak for myself, but I can't help but sing along to the Frozen songs and the Disney Princesses theme songs!

2017 was a great year. Here's to looking forward to what 2018 has to offer! Happy New Year, everyone!!

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