Sunday, August 26, 2012

Driving Lessons

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time now, it’s because we still haven’t had the CPU fixed and I’m still not comfortable using hubby’s company laptop. I mainly use it only for Facebook, Pinterest and minor research. I’m currently searching on where to get the cheapest driving lessons. I seriously want to learn to drive even though hubby doesn’t quite believe in my driving abilities. I don’t know why but it’s probably because the car is still new and even a small scratch would send him to tears. Men!

Anyway, I’ve seen a few driving schools and, boy, are they expensive! The cheapest I found costs 3,000 Pesos and that’s for only three hours’ worth of lessons. Most of the schools require at least 15 hours of lessons for new drivers and that could cost as much as 12,000 Pesos. I’m not willing (yet) to spend that much so I have to do more research and hope that I find a driving school that offers cheaper lessons.
Another thing that worries me is getting a driver’s license. How do I go about that? Do I need to pass an actual driving exam before I get my license? Is there a written exam that I have to take? Maybe I should start taking some dmv cheat sheets practice tests to prepare myself.

I really, really want to learn how to drive. I hope I could learn how before Christmas so I could take myself to various bazaars for my Christmas shopping. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Most Spoken Words

Uh-oh and Oh No.

Whenever the bed covers are a mess, "Oh no!"

Whenever there are some new writings on the wall, courtesy of him, "Uh-oh."

When something dropped on the floor, accidentally or not, "Oh no!"

When there is a new hole on the window screens because he pushed a crayon into it, "Uh-oh."

When his food dropped on the table or on the floor, "Oh no!", because he hates messes as much as Mommy does.

In certain scenes of his two favorite movies, Cars 1 and Cars 2, Johan says "Uh-oh" and "Oh no!" in great timing.

It is so cute and Johan says it with just the right facial expression and tone that anybody within hearing distance would surely end up laughing.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Holidays

Here's something to brighten up our days despite the still cloudy skies in some parts of the country. There will be two long weekends this month that I'm really looking forward to. I only hope that our company will adhere and allow us to enjoy these three non-working holidays. Some of my officemates even made plans and are preparing to go on a trekking trip to Benguet. I am invited to join them but I'm not really into those kinds of trips plus I'd rather spend the long weekends with my son and the husband.

I’d love to go somewhere but I still don’t know where we can go. We’ll probably end up in the ever reliable malls and spend endless time window shopping and pigging out. I might buy a few things because seriously, I am in dire need of new, good fitting clothes. It is only during these last couple of weeks of rain, when we were allowed to dress up in jeans at work, that I realized that I only have two pairs of jeans that really fit me while most are all tight in all the wrong places. I can barely pull the jeans up my hips! It would have been nice to have a few pieces of good shapewear from, I am pretty sure I would have fitted on all those tight jeans.

Anyway, how about you, what are your plans for the long weekends?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Southwest Monsoon

Satellite Image

The Southwest Monsoon or more popularly known as the Hanging Habagat has been bringing huge amounts of rainfall and strong winds to the Philippines the last couple of weeks. Many cities are already submerged in waters, homes and properties were destroyed by the floods, lives have been lost. It's saddening to watch the news because most of our fellow Filipinos are badly affected.

Me and my family are okay, though. We live in the higher part of Cavite which is Dasmarinas so we didn't have to deal with the floods unlike those who live in the nereby towns of Imus and Bacoor.

Where were you when work has been suspended last Wednesday? I am at work during that time. We were asked to report for work in the morning and waited until 1pm when our HR finally decided to suspend our work, too. We even experienced a few seconds of earthquake which is pretty scary when you're working on the topmost floor of the building.

I hope we all get through this disaster and let's all pray that the rains will stop so the floodwaters will finally subside.

God bless us all.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Little Artist

Any mom who has a toddler at home can surely relate to this. I'm so tired of scrubbing our walls every weekend just to have it filled up again with scribbles the next day. My son's current favorite are crayons and he'd write on any surface, even our LED TV became a victim to his artistic prowess, much to hubby's shock. Hehe.

Here is my little artist caught in the act
Last weekend, I found the solution to my dilemma. I brought out cartolina paper and pasted it on our wall telling Johan to just draw on the paper. And draw he did!

Johan drawing away. Here he's saying "Sta!" for stars, he's trying to copy
the stars that I've drawn

My son's work of art =)

Imagine if I hadn't thought of putting up the cartolina paper, our wall would have looked like that and my hands would have been numb from scrubbing it all off. :)

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