Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Food Trip - Pancake House

Today was a holiday and we, at the office, all thought we were not part of the lucky people who get to celebrate a long weekend with their families. Well, not until we arrived at the office and the management suddenly decided to cancel work for the day. So, we get to celebrate the long weekend after all!

Since it's only eight in the morning and there's no van yet at the terminal for my ride home, my officemates and I decided to go ahead with our Friday Food Trip since the Pancake House at Molito is already open and serving breakfast.

Mashed Potato - Php 71.00

My friend Ghia had breakfast at home so she wanted to eat something light. She ordered the Mashed Potato which looks really yummy with plenty of gravy on top.

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich - Php 191.00

TJ said he couldn't eat anything heavy since he'll be going to the gym right after we ate so he ordered the BLT. I, honestly, don't find it enticing at all. It looks all full of lettuce and I can only see a small portion of Bacon inside. I might be wrong, anyway, this sandwich does look "healthy" which TJ loves.

Spanish Omelette - Php 147

If we went to Pancake House after office hours, I would have ordered the Roast Beef Special but since it's very early in the morning and having Roast Beef for breakfast just doesn't sound right (and my tummy probably won't take it either), I ordered the Spanish Omelette instead. The eggs were cooked to perfection - very, very creamy and the tomatoes and peppers seem fresh. The toasts are just okay but tasted better after I slathered butter on them.

Now, I wonder why we didn't order what Pancake House is known for, pancakes. Well, there's always a next time and when it happens, I'll definitely order the Blueberry Pancakes!
Total Costs:
Php 191.00 - BLT Sandwich
Php 147.00 - Spanish Omelette
Php 165.00 - 3 House Iced Tea
Php   71.00 - Mashed Potato
Php   45.00 - Service Charge
Php 619.00

More than just Pancakes!

Pancake House
Ground Level, El Molito Bldg.
Madrigal Ave., Alabang
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines

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