Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making My Day Better

While having coffee at the office pantry this morning, I was reading through the day's copy of The Philippine Star when I chanced upon one article entitled, Make the Day Better. Inspiration hit me and it made me think of the things I do to make my days, well, better days.

I promised myself that I will remain positive no matter how negative my environment or the people around me can become. And if you come to my office, you'll see how pessimistic my colleagues can be (with the quota and the accuracy issues) and if you're one weak person, all the negativity can drag you down.

So, I am listing down my ways on how I make my days better each time. Here goes:


Wake up early. There's nothing like getting up at dawn with the house really peaceful as I go about my tasks. Have coffee in silence, visit my current favorite website, Houzz.com, and inspire myself as I dream how our future home will look like. Besides, getting up early gives one more than enough time to prepare and minimize tardiness.


Listen to music. The album on my repeat mode is Overexposed of Maroon 5. All the songs in this album are great and upbeat, just right to start my day. And there's nothing like facing the day with the hunky Adam Levine, right? Right!!

Cuddle. I kiss and smell and hug my little boy a million times before I leave home for work. He's my inspiration and his future is my motivation to work harder.

Make a happy list. I have never done this before but I started today after I read the article in The Philippine Star. I wrote down the things and the events that made/make me happy - seeing my son for the first time, our wedding day, watching hubby tickle Johan, etc, etc. Believe me, as soon as I finished the list, I felt instantly refreshed and happy. I'll share my list on a separate post, well, come to think about it, it might be better to make it a weekly "Happy List" post.

This post just ended my day right. How about you? What makes your day better?

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