Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Past Two Years

Dear Johan,

I think you might be a musician someday because you love playing the drums - an empty can of milk, casseroles, the CPU, the TV - well, literally, every surface to you is a drum waiting to be pounded on. You might even be an engineer because you love building things - a fort, a house, a tent, a slide - with a mattress, a blanket and a lot of pillows. Or even a doctor because you love putting your toy stethoscope on my chest and laugh when I say, "dug-dug-dug-dug, said my heart".

Our house is a mess every time I arrive home from work but it's a pretty mess because I know that your imagination is running wild and you are learning all the while that you are playing. I have been told that you are on your terrible twos but I'd like to say that it is not terrible at all, but terrific instead.

You can now say a lot more words and it amazes me each time. You take away all the stress of the day when you welcome me home with a kiss and "A-yu (I love you!)". I am the proudest whenever you say "Thanks!" when you are given snacks, milk or toys. My heart melts everytime you say, "Please..".

You've got me wrapped around your chubby little fingers and I'm afraid I'll spoil you too much. But, you'll only be a little boy for a while longer. Soon, you won't have me kissing you, hugging you or calling you, "Becoy" and I'd like to take the opportunity to do all those while I still can.

Anak, you completed me. Cheesy, yes, but it's true. You gave my life a whole new meaning, a direction. You are mine and Daddy's greatest blessing and we thank the Lord each day for you.

We love you so much, Anak. Happy 2nd birthday!


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vengieric said...

Happy birthday Johan! i wish you good health! and i pray you'll make you mom & dad proud! God bless!

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