Monday, November 28, 2011

What's your Baon?

My son, obviously, likes to eat. He's never picky. Give him any food and he'll instantly grab it and put it in his mouth. However, it's a bit different when it comes to crackers or biscuits.

When he began teething and eating solids already, I started giving him bread sticks to munch on. He didn't really use teethers. Don't ask me why but I guess I just find it too time consuming to regularly wash, sterilize and dry the teethers.

Usually, we just bring a pack of bread sticks with us whenever we go out for Johan's snack. But now that he turned one, he began being picky with his biscuits. He would refuse to eat his bread sticks and would throw them on the floor. What I did was introduce different types of biscuits.

There's a chocolate variety of the Stick Wafer but I refuse to give chocolates or anything chocolate flavored to Johan until he turns two (crossing my fingers). Good thing is he liked the Strawberry flavored ones, just like me.

I pack a few pieces of each kind in a food container so when we go out the biscuits don't get squished in the diaper bag and end up crushed. Believe me, it's better this way, there was one time I had to feed Johan with crushed stick wafers and it was one huge mess. The crumbs were all over me, Johan and our seatmates in the van. Hihihi. Sorry, guys.

How about you? What do you bring for your kid's snacks? 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rest in Peace, Tito Yuly

Our dear Tito Yuly, my Papa's brother, passed away yesterday after battling with liver cancer for years. When he was diagnosed, he was given only months to live but he surpassed it and lived more than a year before he finally went to meet our Creator yesterday, November 21st.

We never had the chance to become close because he spent most of his life living in Catbalogan, Samar and we only get to see him during Christmas when we go to our annual Christmas lunch/dinner with the rest of the clan. I only have memories of him singing with my father during the many videoke moments whenever we have a family get together. 

It is always sad to have someone from the family pass away but we are all thankful because now his suffering has ended. No more pain, only peace.

We love you Tito Yuly and you will sorely be missed.

Monday, November 21, 2011

That Big Red Bee

What's with Jollibee that makes the kids drawn to their mascot every time they see him (assuming he's a guy)? All of the Jollibee parties that I attended were all huge successes because of this mascot. Some kids run under a table or hide behind their mommies at the mere sight of him but most kids would jump in glee and welcome that big red bee with the hugest of hugs and squeals of delight.

Some would even follow him around persistently.

Johan is no different. Every time we go to the mall and we pass by a Jollibee store, he points to it with his finger and would wriggle out of our arms until we bring him closer so he could touch Jollibee's face.

I don't know what's with this mascot but I'm happy that he's there to make the kids (and the kids at heart) smile, laugh and have fun.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Came Early

The very pretty Mar with an equally pretty smile of the blog Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen is hosting Eight Weeks of Christmas and is giving away one gorgeous arty ring every week. Here are the prizes:

I was one of the lucky ones and was able to bag one of the rings during the second week of the giveaway. Mar didn't announce what ring each week's winner is going to get so I was so excited to find out what she chose for me. Today, the ring arrived and it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Look at the details, they're exquisite!
I had to take off my engagement and wedding rings to make way for this 
beauty but my God, it is so worth it! 

I have never worn any accessory this huge but I am up for the challenge to make it work. I'm sure this ring will add that "oomph" factor to any boring outfit of mine.

Thank you so much, Mar! You definitely made my day! Merry Christmas!

Mar is also hosting other giveaways on her blog. Click on the links to get there.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Missing Phone

Yesterday, Johan kept on taking my phone away while I was exchanging text messages with my sister. I know that he wanted to watch his nursery rhymes videos which I downloaded to my phone. So, after sending one last text to my sister, I gave in to Johan's request and played his video. I was watching the news while Johan remained riveted to my phone.

Then I heard my phone beep alerting me of a new message. When I turned to take it from Johan, my phone is nowhere to be found. Johan is quietly sitting on his potty (no, he isn't potty training yet) watching the news with me all the while that I thought he's watching his video on my phone.

I looked around thinking he probably left my phone lying on the floor or under the potty but it's not there. I tried asking Johan but he wouldn't take his attention off the television. During the commercial break, I tried asking him again and he looked at me, went down his potty, put up the seat cover and voila! 

Here is your phone, Mommy!

My sister (the one I was texting before the phone went MIA) was laughing and said to Johan, "Next time, Johan, make sure that you used the potty before throwing in Mommy's phone." Ha.ha. Very. Funny.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Here

I know I haven't posted for quite some time. It's just that Johan's been sick the entire week and I cannot find the energy or the drive to blog. I admit, I'm beginning to feel frustrated because Johan's not feeling well and I cannot do anything about it. He refuses to take his medicine despite all efforts from me like I tried to mix the meds in apple juice, water even his milk. All to no avail.

I really don't know what to do but try little by little to make Johan drink even an ounce of apple juice with his medicine.

I promise to return to blogging once Johan gets well.

Please pray for my son.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Soul's Day 2011

I missed going with the family to the cemetery last year because I had just given birth to Johan, so this year, I made it a point that we'll be present when we visit our Ankong and Mamang at the Manila Memorial Park in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

We started off early, we were there around 8 in the morning and left at around 3 in the afternoon. It was a hot day but we didn't really mind, we just moved the blankets to the shades and went on with our talking, eating and  talking some more. We never run out of stories to tell, mommy tips to exchange and funny kid stories to share. 

I love spending time with our relatives, catching up with their lives, playing with the kids and making chit chat with my cousins. If only we could do this everyday, I'm sure we will. 

Johan had fun as well. He played with his cousins and was aided by my Papa to walk. Here are a few of my fave photos of Johan from that day:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Comment Winner

After much thought, the winner of the Johnson's Gift Pack with the most fitting and cutest caption for Johan's photo is:

Congratulations, Aya! Please leave your email address in the comment box and I will contact you soon for your prize.

Thank you so much to our sponsor, Johnson's, for hosting such a great giveaway. More power to you!

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