Sunday, October 14, 2012

Staying Healthy

My mother has diabetes so there is a huge chance that I'll acquire the disease. When I was pregnant with Johan, I kept that in mind and took the carbohydrates to a minimum. I restrained myself from eating too much sweets, too much carbonated drinks and too much rice. I know I could have gestational diabetes so I took really good care of myself when I was pregnant.

Lately, I was feeling really tired, extremely thirsty and I found myself making frequent trips to the bathroom to pee. My mom is concerned because these are the early signs of diabetes and she's been bugging me to have myself checked by a specialist but I've been putting it off for three weeks now due to so many reasons.

So, yesterday morning, I finally found the time to go see a doctor.

Unfortunately though, the diabetes specialist accredited by my HMO was out of town yesterday, so I only saw an Internal Medicine specialist. I waited for two hours in line just to get a Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) test request and I can't have the test without fasting for 8 hours. So, I went home yesterday, took my last meal at 7 pm and went back to the hospital for the test this morning.

It's funny that I'm still afraid of needles even after having delivered via Caesarian Section, but it's true, I found my knees shaking just before the nurse took my blood sample. Hehe!

Seriously, I'm scared of the test result and I'm praying for a negative one. I know diabetes is a chronic disease and I can see how my mom is struggling because of it. I cannot have it, at least not this early. Now, I am thinking, I should have taken better care of myself and have been more conscious of everything I eat.

The test result won't come out until this afternoon so until then I am still hoping for the best.

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