Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Sisterhood Award

Thanks to sis Ayha for this award.

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I'm passing this award to my w@wie sisters: 











Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dangwa Trip and Dress Update

I went to Dangwa with my cousins and Tita to book my cousin's flowers for her wedding in June. I grabbed this opportunity to look around for my own flowers as well, eventhough I would only provide flowers for my 2 flower girls and my own bridal bouquet. The whole strip of Dos Castillas is so full of colorful blooms that I can't even remember the names. I asked for quotations and the cheapest that I got is P1,400 for my bridal bouquet - composed of carnations, alstroemerias, paper roses (yep, that's what they're called but they're not made of paper) and stargazers - and 2 flower wands for my flower girls. Here are some pics:

Pink Carnations
Paper RosesAlstroemeriasMalaysian Mums for my flower girls' wands

Different colored Carnations
My flower girls would hold wands similar to these but made of Malaysian Mums:

After my cousin booked her flowers we then went to Divisoria to have her gown and her entourage's gowns made. I brought my tela with me so I could have my mananahi do it already. I changed my design at the last minute because I saw a picture in one of our sisses blogs that I really liked so I decided to have it made instead of the one that I previously posted here. Here is the new design from Jim Hjelm:

At last, my dress is on its way already, I just hope that my mananahi would live up to her promise to have my dress ready by April 15 so if ever there would be any revisions (I hope there won't be any) I'd still have enough time to have anything revised.
Konting tulog na lang... =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

License to Wed

After two weeks of processing, we finally got our marriage license. It really is going to happen.. Malapit na... Ilang tulog na lang!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Symbols of Our Love

I soo love our rings! I found a design from one of the popular jewelers at w@w but when I asked for a quotation, a pair is priced way beyond our budget. It was by chance that we saw a pair with the same design in Ongpin.

We didn't plan on purchasing our rings that day, it so happened that Deck's confirmation in Quiapo Church lasted until noon and we decided to have lunch at the Hap Chan branch in Ongpin. This is to let his Mom and Aunt have a "taste test" of the menu that we will be having on our reception.

After lunch, I told Deck since we were there already, why don't we look around for rings, we might find a pair that we'd like. I told him we don't have to buy the rings that same day, we'll just browse around. We found a pair of rings whose design is quite similar to the ones I found online, but when we asked for the price, it's too steep for a place like Ongpin. Hehe. So, off we go to another shop, this time, it was the same shop where Deck bought me my Engagement Ring. We looked at the displays and there they are! Our rings! We asked the saleslady to take them out of the display so we could take a closer look and to fit them as well. I really liked them but I'm waiting for Deck's reaction because I know that he doesn't want to have stones on his ring. I'm so happy when he told me he did like the rings.

We asked for the price which is not too expensive but his mom haggled with the owner and in the end we got a 2,000 discount if we are to buy them that day. I whispered to Deck that it is a very good deal compared to the quotation of the popular jeweler and I really don't want to let the rings go, they might be bought already when we decide to come back to purchase them. It is the same design anyway, so Deck went to an atm to withraw some cash and we paid for our rings in full. I am so happy.

Here are a few shots of our rings:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our cake supplier

Frupcakes cupcakes. I chanced upon their site on as I was browsing for affordable cupcakes suppliers. Even before we began our wedding preps, it was already decided that we would have cupcakes as souvenirs. We do not want the kind of souvenirs which your guests would just put on a shelf and gather dust. Although a wedding cd is also a good idea, we opted against it because it was so overused already. Cupcakes are more practical.

Frupcakes offers the widest range of flavors, three size choices for the cupcakes and lots and lots of designs. When I saw the website and their set ups, I decided that it would be great to have the cupcakes in a tower to serve as our wedding cake, too. Two birds in one stone! Cake and souvenirs for the price of one.

I told myself I'll book my order by April since it's too early pa and I was afraid that my order would get lost in a pile of orders. But, when I visited the site again (that was end of Feb), I saw that Frupcakes is not accepting orders until April 19 because they're fully booked already! I panicked, immediately browsed the site for set-ups and flavors and booked my order for our wedding on May 8. Nakakatakot kasi baka they won't accept orders on the day of our wedding and I don't want to look around pa for other suppliers because I really like the products of Frupcakes. I even recommended them to my cousin who'll be having her son's birthday in April. She booked Frupcakes as well.

Here are a few pics from the website:

Our setup would most probably look like this one only the ribbons would be fuschia pink and chocolate brown (our wedding motiff)
Bride and Groom cake topper
Pretty pink and brown set up
We chose Banana Chocolate flavor for our cupcakes
Book your cupcakes now at http:\\\ !!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Early Wedding Gift

One of my mom's sisters volunteered to give us an overnight stay in one of the lodges in Tagaytay as a wedding gift. Given the choice, I would have wanted to stay at The Boutique but because of the super expensive prices, I'm going to have to look around for a more affordable place to stay. It doesn't really matter if the place is a hotel or a B&B. Deck and I would most probably spend most of our time outdoors touring the City of Tagaytay. I saw the website of a place called Keni Po and reading through the positive feedbacks left there by previous guests, I decided that we should stay there. We might extend our stay for 2 days because we think just a day's stay is super bitin. I am yet to explore what we could do in Tagaytay for 2 days. A recommendation for a place called Bag of Beans (am I correct?) has reached me already, to taste the ever popular bulalo at Leslie's and probably have coffee at a Starbucks branch, Oh and it won't hurt to try the newly installed zipline there. If anyone could suggest what else we could do while we're in Tagaytay, please do leave your comments. It would be highly appreciated.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Wedding Inspirations

During the first stages of the preps, I initially wanted to wear a tea-length dress because our wedding would just be a simple affair. But, because my cousin and bestfriend insisted that I should wear a long dress, be it a simple or grand event, I decided to go for it. Baka daw kasi magmukha akong bridesmaid instead of the bride. So, I searched the net for designs. I knew that I wanted to wear a dress that would be made of heavy-lace from top to bottom. I once saw a design in a magazine but I could not find the copy anywhere. Then, I chanced upon a dress in and I knew that was "it", it's MY dress. I know it would be too simple for some but I wanted it that way. It's my wedding anyway. Hehe. Here are some pics of the dress:

The front
The back

I already bought the "tela" for my dress, I bought 4 yards of off-white colored satin and off-white colored semi-corded lace. The lace that I got was the closest to the one on the picture and I got it for a cheap price of P120.00/yard, the satin is priced at P48.00/yard. Both can be bought in the pasilios at Ilaya Street in Divisoria. Super cheap indeed so I was so happy. All you need is to be a little matyaga when you're looking around so you get the lowest prices and don't be shy to make tawad, just be mabait and sweet to the tinderas and you'll be given discounts.

Since I'm at Divisoria already, I also looked around for reliable modistas. That was the hard part, because most of them don't accept labor only, it's either they have their own designs or sa kanila na din ang tela. I found one modista (nasa sulok pa ng mga pasilios) that agreed to make my dress. It's a good thing that I brought a picture of the design and I told her, simple lang naman po, just that it's made of lace talaga and the details at the back are just the pearl-like buttons instead of a zipper (I might ask her to add a zipper sa satin which would be under the lace and to put the buttons on the lace, if buttons lang kasi there might be a possibility na baka matanggal kagad kapag nastretch or napull ang dress ko). She priced it at P1,000.00 only, I then asked her how much would it be if I'd like to add a bolero (church requirement: tubes are not allowed, either wear a bolero or a shawl), she said it would be P1,300.00 bolero included. Super cheap, right?? But, I didn't leave the lace and satin pa because I think it's too early to have my dress made, baka tumaba pa ko (I hope not!).

As for the shoes, I can't help but look through the net for designs although I know that I won't be having mine custom-made. Wala lang, just the kikay-shopaholic kicked up. Hehe. I like wearing open-toe sandals/stilettos Here are some that I liked best:

The winner (I hope I could find a style like this)

Flowers: I have no idea what flowers to choose for my bouquet so I just browsed the net for arrangements and I'll just have it arranged at Dangwa. Here's what I wanted for my bouquet:

So, that's it for now. I'll post more soon!!

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