Monday, October 1, 2012

Disappointed with Globe Telecom

We've been having internet problems since we had our CPU fixed last week. We already called Globe Telecom's customer service hotline and the first agent that we talked to told us that we already reached our bandwidth limit for the month that's why we're having internet interruptions. Hubby told the agent, how was that possible when our CPU was broken for almost two months. The agent then said he'll just schedule a technician to visit our house the next day.

That was supposed to happen on September 28 but no technician arrived that day and we never received any advisory from Globe why nobody came. We let another week pass since we don't use the computer often during weekdays but when weekend came and the internet connection still sucked, hubby again called Globe's customer service and filed another complaint.

When hubby asked the agent why nobody came on the scheduled date, the agent said that they were having network issues that day and all technical visits were cancelled. Aren't they supposed to inform their subscribers these things ahead of time or at least on the same day of the scheduled visit? They wasted hubby's time waiting for the technician to arrive and to think that he adjusted his own schedule just for that.

So, during yesterday's conversation with another agent, she told hubby that we'll be scheduled (again!) for a technical visit today. Can you guess what happened? Yep, no technician arrived today and as of this minute, nobody from Globe contacted hubby as to why it happened again.

It is very frustrating and it makes me so mad that a huge company like Globe will treat their subscribers this way. We've been loyal Globe mobile users for more than seven years and we switched from another internet provider to Globe two years ago. Now, after dealing with their crappy customer service, we're thinking about changing internet providers and I am seriously considering letting go my seven-year Globe mobile number and switch to another mobile network. This is how angry I am with Globe.

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