Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday - At Work

  • I am grateful for the support of my office mates in one of the most stressful days I had at work. I swear I was close to filing for a half day yesterday out of frustration but it's great that I have good friends at the office to back me up.
  • Tuesday was a good day because we had Serenitea delivered to the office. Yipee! 
  • Tomorrow's going to be a better Friday because we have a webinar scheduled from 3pm-5pm, so that means 2 hours of petiks mode!
  • We might go watch the movie This Guy's In Love with You, Mare of Vice Ganda. Well, it depends on the screening sched at the ATC. 
  • It'll be Banapple Friday tomorrow with my friends at work. I can't wait!

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