Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The PPSI 2013 Company Outing

Last May 24, our company headed off to Caliraya Resort in Laguna for our annual team building/summer outing. Like last year, I was looking forward to participating in the team building activities because this is when I could cheer myself and say, "Don't let your asthma stop you from having fun!". And have fun I did!

Assembly at the office, these are my friends
Just as we got off the bus to transfer to the boat that will bring us to the resort
Our ride across Caliraya Lake
Resort Map
Kids' playground. Johan would've loved this

After everybody checked in into our rooms, we all prepped up to start the team building activities.Yey!

My team, Red Team, as we waited for instructions
While activity packs are being handed out by the Caliraya staff, the read team poses for yet
another photo
The following are some of the stations we have to complete before we can proceed to the next one.

Wall Climbing. I wanted to go since I've tried wall climbing before but
the responsibility of making your team win proved too heavy for me to carry.
So I helped my team by cheering instead. Heheh!

This station is the Kayak Station. Too bad I couldn't find a photo of any us
Mud Slide! It was scary but super fun!
Just look at the smile on our faces! 
Yucky, smelly mud! Do you see me? I'm the one sitting on the right. I think that
was my third time of trying to stand up which is really hard given that the mud
is not only smelly but overly slippery as well.
The final station, Hanging Bridge
Guess who won? Oh yes, we did!

I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and was glad of being part of the winning team.After everyone freshened up and had showered, we had lunch, took pictures, tried out the "swing" (I dunno what it was called) and then it was time to go home.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mommy's Day Out: Pampering at Nailsand Spa

If you know me really well, you'd know that I'm not entirely a fan of salons. Through the years, I only have my nails done when I have an important event to go to, like weddings and parties, and on ordinary days, my nails go au naturel or I clean and put polish myself.

My nails used to be so short, ugly and hideous. I couldn't find a decent salon here in Dasmariñas which I liked. Most of the attendants from the salons that I tried didn't have gentle hands and I usually ended up getting stressed out instead of getting relaxed.

Well, that is before I discovered Nailsand Spa. They just opened last March and their salon's ambiance can be compared to those high end ones minus the overly expensive cost of services. Although compared to the usual salons offering a 50 peso manicure service, Nailsand Spa's services do cost is a little higher. But I say from experience that the services, their attention to detail, the way they keep their tools clean and the  friendliness of the staff and owner are all worth a few extra pesos. 

Hand soak
Foot Spa
My therapists for the day: Roselle and Marilyn. I love that they have masks on
and they do look nice in uniform.
Manicured short nails
Chubby toes but clean nevertheless :)
What I love about Nailsand:

  • they play relaxing instrumental music in the background 
  • they sterilize their tools after every client
  • they use good quality nail polishes like BNC, OPI and Orly
  • they use white, clean towels
  • they have friendly staff and owner
  • they make sure your seat, the pillows, your position are all comfortable
  • they ask if what they're doing is okay, if anything hurts or if they cut your nails just the way you like it 

I'm so, so glad Nailsand Spa opened up a branch near our place. This way, I get to have my nails done at a fraction of a price yet experience a wonderful pampering session and a much deserved mommy's day out anytime I feel like it.

I sincerely pray they get plenty of customers and business will always be good so they don't have to close shop or transfer elsewhere.

Two thumbs up for Nailsand Spa!

Nailsand Spa Dasmarinas
EAC Sports Complex Unit 5
Congressional Avenue, Burol Main
Dasmariñas City

A very happy customer,

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