Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Impromptu Date

Hubby had a dentist appointment this afternoon to (finally!) have his braces removed. He went to the dentist clinic alone but came back sooner. He said he's still on the waiting list and it'll probably take a while before his number is called so he came back to pick us up. We'll go to SM afterwards to run a few errands.

When we arrived at the dentist's clinic, there was still a patient inside so I decided to bring Johan to Jollibee to pass the time as I'm sure that the little boy's patience is shorter than mine and hubby's. :)

As expected, Johan's face automatically lit up when he saw his favorite mascot and when asked what he wanted to order, his immediate answer was, "fe fies". Fe Fies, it is!

Here are a few photos of our impromptu date:

Oh yes, he loves his fries! He can't wait to eat not one but two at the same time!

Johan also loves drinking Pineapple Juice.

Spending time with Johan is always fun and I'm planning to start an exclusive Mommy and Johan Saturday date. I'm already looking forward to next Saturday.

Hmm, where should I bring this little cutie next time?

By the way, if in case you're wondering if we ever made it to SM. No, we did not because this little boy probably had too much fries and pineapple juice, he made a tiny accident when we went back to the dentist's clinic after our Jollibee date. And the ever efficient Mommy chose today of all days to forget to bring an extra set of clothes. But, good thing is, we still have tomorrow to go to SM! Another date!

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