Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grocery Monitoring

Hubby and I have been trying to find ways to save - we switched to LED light bulbs, we minimized the use of the car to save on fuel and we even cook and bring our own lunch to work.We also do our grocery shopping on a monthly basis to save on trips to the supermarket.

Before, we used to go to SM Supermarket but when I compared the prices of goods, that of Walter Mart's proved to be cheaper so we've been going there since then. Just recently, Puregold opened a branch near us and we went there yesterday to see how the prices compare to Walter Mart.

We already had a few items in our cart yesterday when we entered the milk section. Johan's milk is 20 pesos higher in Puregold! So, I told hubby not to put anything else in our cart until we look at the prices on the other items on my list. It may be just the milk that is priced higher and the rest may be cheaper. But, lo and behold, there is at least a three-peso to a maximum of thirty-peso price difference. It may be a little amount to some but remember that we're shopping for a month's worth of groceries so that "little amount" can blow up to a thousand or more on the final tab.

I was so surprised that Puregold's prices are higher than that of Walter Mart's because all the while, I was under the impression that Puregold offers the cheapest prices of goods compared to most supermarkets. I was proved wrong yesterday and because of that, we abandoned our cart, left Puregold and went back to Walter Mart.

In summary, Walter Mart offers the cheapest compared to SM Supermarket and Puregold. A branch of South Supermarket will be opening soon in our area and when that happens, I will definitely pay it a visit to do another round of grocery monitoring.

Till then!

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