Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New Chapter

Here's something to motivate all of us this first day of 2013. 

I have tried really hard to become a positive person and I think I achieved being one in 2012 but I know that I can do more and be more. When I first read this quote, it made me realize that our days indeed make up the book of our lives and when the time comes, I'd love to read something worthwhile, something sensible, something happy, something with a lot more lessons than regrets.

I'm keeping my New Year's Resolution plain, simple and feasible.

1. I aim to spend even more time with my family and when I say more time, I mean spend less time on the computer, on my phone or in front of the TV whenever I'm home. I remembered the time when our computer broke down and those were great evenings where I get to spend playing with and reading to my son after I arrived home from work. I felt that Johan was happier during those times because I am not stressing over him going to sleep so I could go online.

2. Don't succumb to negativity at work. I am one person who gets affected easily but the year 2012 made me a little stronger and I was able to deal with negativity better but still there were times when I can't help but  get stressed out like everyone at work and I sure didn't feel better afterwards.

3. Say I love you more often with the husband. Hubby and I are not really vocal persons when it comes to our emotions and I think we both find it too cheesy to say I love you upfront to each other. But, we've been saying I love you to Johan often enough that made me think why don't we begin saying it to each other as well.

4. Learn that not all things happen according to plan. I am an OC person - everything has to be in it's right place or a person should be acting a certain way. It's about time I learn that not everyone's brains work as obsessive-compulsive as mine, I cannot force everyone to be positive but I can be a good enough positive person that can inspire them to become one, I'm not going to die if hubby left all the cords and the towels in disarray (again) and the world is not going to end just because I got a grade below 95% on my accuracy report at work.

5. Get inspired - to blog more, to be happier, to be at peace, to live a good life.

May 2013 bring us all the good things and inspire us to pass it forward as well.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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