Monday, December 31, 2012

The Top Five Things I am Thankful for in 2012

Today's the last day of the year and instead of posting my New Year's Resolution, which I'm sure will just be the same as last year's, I'd rather end the year on a positive note and look back on all the things I am grateful for in 2012.

1. Friendship

Our college buddies
Hubby and I met during college so it's no surprise that we have the same circle of friends throughout the years. Our classmates were Pete, Christian, Wilmar, Abi, Lloyd, Precious, Vic, Josh and missing in the photo is my bestfriend Mhy, now based in Singapore. Then Josh and Vic got married, Christian married Precious, I married Deck, Mhy married Deck's childhood friend Bong, then Pete and Wilmar met their wives Joey and Cordia and well, Lloyd (in orange) is still single. We each lead different lives, evolved from students to adults and now parents,  we raise our kids differently - bet despite these differences we remained friends and good ones at that!

New friends. Being with great people to share office chismis with, rant about things work-related or not with, pig out with every Friday after a long, tiring week - these people are what make work seem less like work.

2. Family

I must have done something good for God to bless me this abundantly. My family keeps me grounded, my son (and his future) keeps me motivated and my husband supports me all the way. I truly could not ask for anything more but to keep them all safe, healthy and happy.

3. Work

This is the wonderful Pettigrew family who owns the company I am working in now. As Mr. Dave Young, our CEO, said "You were all lead by God to PPSI for a reason and it is a pleasure working with you." Being able to go back to work this year is truly a blessing. I have been looking for a job and have been interviewed by several companies but nothing really matched what I was searching for. PPSI gave me what I prioritize the most - morning shift, weekends off, competitive salary plus perks and accessibility from home. My work has opened up a lot of doors and fulfilled a few of my family's dreams.

4. Dream fulfilled

I'm sure all families have been dreaming to buy their own cars. I am just thankful that our prayer was granted this year. Perseverance, hard work, strong will and a lot of prayers did it for us.

5. Time

It has been an additional 366 days more into my life. I am more than grateful for all those days - be it good or bad - because I get to spend most if not all of it with the people I love. Each day of 2012 that I was blessed with, I made sure I made the most of and I did try to do good as much as I can. 

Stay positive and look forward to all things awesome that'll happen in 2013! Happy New Year, everybody!

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