Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bringing Down the Electricity Bill

Remember my post last September on my way how to conserve energy? We are yet to change 3 more light bulbs from regular bulbs to LED bulbs but we purchased a new LED TV for our living room early last December.

The living room TV is the most used one because my MIL watches her soap operas there and sometimes my son and his cousin watches their cartoons as well whenever hubby locks the door to our room so he could sleep. Our bedroom TV is already LED that's why I decided to switch the living room TV to LED as well so we could save a little bit more on electricity.

Truth be told, we did save!

Bill prior to using another LED TV

Look at the drop on our consumption

Chart of our consumption

I know our electric bill is just a small fraction of some of yours but I am just happy to be able to save. That means an additional budget for other things. Now, we have to buy those three LED bulbs so we could save some more.

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