Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend To Dos

I made a list of the things that needs to be done at home over the weekend and the list just a short one but given my mood and how sick I am (with the cough and colds again!), I was only able to finish one task so far.

From four baskets, we are now down to just two! Well, the other toys are still in their respective boxes and I take them out only when I am playing with Johan because some toys need supervision but then this is already a huge step in decluttering our home.

The walls badly need a good scrub as those are full of Johan's scribbles in crayons, pencils and pens plus there are hand marks everywhere. 

The underwear drawer too needs some organizing as I can barely close it without getting some pieces stuck.

The fans are a bit dusty and have to be taken down the walls for proper cleaning. I might have someone do it later in the afternoon as I cannot do it myself given that I already have colds and I don't want the dust from the fans trigger an asthma attack.

The salon trip has been delayed for the longest time ever and my hair definitely is a mess. I kept it tamed and tied in a ponytail these last few weeks and I'm sure I've made far more bad to it than good. I hope I'll feel better tomorrow so I could finally get this done.

Oh yes, I'm keeping myself busy just to get my mind off some things.

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