Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Bonding

We usually wake up very early during Sundays because we prefer to hear the first mass in our church at 5:30 am. We do this to keep the boy from wandering off around the church grounds because there are a few kids at this hour and we get to come home sooner so we could get more things done around the house.

Today was no exception as we went to church early to start the day right, we then went to Jollibee to have breakfast. I had the Hotdog Breakfast Meal, hubby only ordered Palabok and we got a Burger Meal for the little boy.


After having breakfast, we then proceeded to have the car washed. Johan and I stayed in front of St. Nicholas De Myra school while the car is being serviced. This is one school that I am eyeing for Johan as I've been hearing positive feedback about St. Nicholas de Myra. Another plus point is that they insist on having the kids speak in English while they're within school grounds. Anyway, while we're there earlier today, I saw a caretaker and asked him if the school offers summer classes for toddlers. I am so glad when the caretaker told me that they do offer summer classes though he's not sure if they accept kids of Johan's age. I would have to file for a leave one of these days and inquire.

Hubby decided to have the car waxed as well, so that meant the service will last for more than an hour. Since it's still early and we really didn't have much to do at home, I thought why don't I bring Johan to nearby Kadiwa Park and let him run around while we wait for hubby. So, we left hubby at the car wash station, boarded a jeepney and off we go to the park.

Kadiwa Park is not really a park-park. It's actually just a sidewalk that the City of Dasmarinas turned into a mini park by installing a Koi Pond, a few waterfalls, animal statues, lots of plants, trees and benches to sit in.

Johan wanted to get into the water!

He was so amazed to see a waterfall and kept on saying, "Big!"

He was actually scared to go near the towering Giraffe statue

Then he got hungry and asked for biscuits

Then played some more

 Then he saw a magtataho and of course, he just got to have Taho

It is barely lunch time and, already, we are having such a fantastic day. Sunday did start out right for our family. I hope all days are like these.

Happy Sunday everybody!

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