Monday, January 14, 2013

First Korean Restaurant Experience

I have a confession - while hubby and I are avid fans of Chinese cuisine, we never really learned how to use chopsticks. We're both fast eaters and eating with chopsticks slows us down or maybe we just didn't know how to properly use it.

Yesterday, on our way home from our search of a sofa bed, we passed by a Korean Restaurant. We've been eyeing this place for quite some time but didn't get around to stopping by to dine. We decided then to take a look and try their menu.

Juol Kyeo Chat Gi
Their menu printed on a tarpaulin and placed at the entrance of the place
We were surprised when the waitress gave Johan a bottle
of Yakult. Compliments daw from the owner who found
Johan so cute
Our utensils. A spoon and a pair of chopsticks
Korean Kikiam

Johan holding a chopstick on one hand and eating with his other hand :)

Hubby and I were joking the whole time as to how long will it take us to finish our food while using only the chopsticks. I even told the waitress to have forks ready for "lifeline". Proudly so, we learned how to use the chopsticks and finished our meal not longer than necessary. :)

Verdict? The U-dong tasted good but I find the CholMyeon weird because of the cold noodles. Was it supposed to be cold? I also liked the Korean Kikiam which is surprising because I don't eat our usual Kikiam here in the Philippines. When I was about to try the Kimchi, hubby warned against it and I was just too scared to give it a try after that. Johan obviously liked the U-dong. He asked for seconds when he finished the first serving I gave him.

All in all, the experience is just so-so. I doubt that we'll return to this restaurant but we might give Korean food another go in another restaurant.

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