Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Stuff

1. I am deathly scared of cats. There was even a time in college when I didn't talk to some of my friends for days when they did a prank on me and placed a kitten beside me while I was reviewing for an exam.

2. I am still waiting for my husband to give me flowers. We've been together for 12 years, married for four years and he still hasn't given me a single flower.

3. I am very madiriin. I don't like talking about poop because my stomach overturns and I'd be heaving in just a matter of seconds. I imagine what poop looks like kasi. Eww!

4. I am selfish. Not in anything material but when it comes to dying, I don't want to be the person left behind and deal with the grief. I don't think I can handle it.

5. I still hate this certain girl who did something to my youngest brother. It's been years but I still feel the anger whenever I remember her. Forgiving is really impossible because how can you forgive a person when you haven't received an apology.

6. I'm still undecided whether I wanted to have another child. I'm scared that my time would be dedicated to the new baby and I would neglect Johan, that I'd have favoritism and that we could not afford to send them to good schools.

7. I don't like hearing the words, "I don't know." I blame this on how my Mama brought us up. She would never accept the "I don't know" answer to any of her questions. To her, if you don't know the answer, research and find ways to learn it. "I don't know" is unacceptable.

8. I am not a fan of chips because again, I blame it on my Mom's upbringing - "Nakakabobo yan" is her constant reminder.

9. I want to be surprised - for my birthday or anniversary or any other day at that.

10. I have very low patience to waiting in line. That’s why I never bought another box of J.Co Donuts because the line is always long. Even spending time at the salon to have my hair re-bonded again never happened because I really don’t like sitting for six hours. Masakit kaya sa pwet. J

11. Whenever I get mad, I tend to shut my mouth or walk away. I know it’s very frustrating to my husband but the reason why I do that is to keep myself from saying things that I’m sure I’ll regret later. My words hurt like a knife when I am furious so I just walk out to prevent that from happening and besides I won’t be able to communicate effectively because I am so going to cry out of so much anger.

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vengieric said...

same sentiments for #6...
hugs to you sis!

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