Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeding a Picky Eater

It may not be obvious that my son is a picky eater because in most photos that I upload on Facebook and here on my blog, he is usually holding a biscuit, a hotdog or a glass of Taho. Well, actually, those are the only food that Johan can finish in one sitting.

He is still more into milk (in a feeding bottle) and he consumes 6-8 bottles a day. Recently though, I was so surprised when he came up to me while I was having dinner and asked to be fed with what I was having. My MIL also told me that Johan's starting to like eating rice and would usually asked to be fed alongside his cousin.

So, I think it is the best time to become creative with his meals. I've read somewhere that to make my picky eater become a healthy eater, I must make his meals visually enticing. So, I logged on to Pinterest to gather ideas and look at what I found!

Pin after pin of wonderful creations!

Just look at all those colors! Now, I'm very inspired to get started and I will be dropping by the mall one of these days to look for cookie cutters, egg and pancake molds and colorful plates for the little boy. I hope I can find egg molds like the ones below, I can already imagine starting our weekends with flower-shaped eggs! I'm already loving it!

However, should I not find cookie cutters or molds to my liking within the week, I would have to settle for this easy weekend project. Rainbow pancakes!

The ingredients are pretty simple: pancake batter, maple syrup, butter and food coloring in different colors of course. For a step-by-step instruction on how to make a rainbow pancake, I suggest you click on this link: How to Make Rainbow Pancakes, because that's where I'll be referring to as well when I try and create my own this weekend.

I'm so excited for this and I am also praying that this would help me make Johan eat healthier. Let's do this, Mommies!

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