Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monday Sick Leave

All three of us - hubby, me and Johan - caught the bug last week. It all started with Johan having the usual cough and colds. Then me and the husband caught it from him. The little man is very fussy and you'll know when the little guy is sick - everybody at home is pretty stressed out because it will take two people to make Johan take his meds.

I have to wait until he's sleeping soundly before I can nebulize him. No, he doesn't have asthma like me, but his pedia advised us to do this to clear out his airways faster.

The boy finally got better last weekend but the stress and fatigue of the three-week overtime I had to render at work finally caught up with me. I've been forcing myself to go to work all day last week because I knew that we still need to finish a lot of charts but come Monday, I wasn't feeling any better and I was feverish so I decided to file for a sick leave. Hubby, too, wasn't feeling so well so he worked from home instead of going to the office so he could get a little bit of rest.

We were able to rest the entire morning of Monday but I was woken up by the little guy who wanted to me to play with him.

So, we played with his wooden truck and took turns in hammering down the balls into the holes.

Then he asked for his "Bet" or Alphabet puzzle and I taught him the letters. Well, he's more interested in the letter C which shows a car underneath and the letter I because of the photo of an Ice Cream.

The boy probably grew tired and hungry after learning the alphabet and he then asked for biscuits. Here he is munching on Yan-yan which he shared with me and his Dad.

I wasn't able to rest that much on my sick leave but at least the little boy is happy that we were all home to spend a little more time with him.

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