Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hard Work is Starting to Pay Off

This week's been really busy at work, I actually didn't realize it's finally the weekend! Last Monday, I received good news from my boss. I am one of the two people chosen to undergo training for the new account that the company will be opening up here in the Philippines. Sure, it means more information above the many that I am still learning and new adjustment with the processes and system - but I am not complaining. I actually welcome the challenge and truly appreciate, that of all the employees in our company and tenured ones at that, my boss chose me.

I've been on training since Monday, trying to digest everything that has to be learned and hoping that I at least meet, if not exceed, the expectations that my boss have for me. Even though this new role doesn't have an equivalent pay raise (I know that'll come eventually), I am still glad that an opportunity like this opened up for me. Having to pioneer a new account is HUGE, it'll open up new doors for me and will bring me much, much closer to my goal.

There's so much to thank God for.

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