Monday, February 4, 2013

Is This the End of Co-sleeping?

Last Saturday night as we were getting ready to sleep, Johan suddenly went down the bed, brought his pillows with him and said, "bed." He was referring to his mattress on the floor and he wanted to sleep there instead of with his Daddy and me.

I gave in thinking he'll just stay there a short while and then he'll come up again and lie down next to us. But, boy, was I wrong! He fell asleep there on his mattress. Alone.

I stood up and was about to pick him up to transfer him to the big bed when hubby said let him sleep on his own bed so he'll get used to it and then we'll buy him his own. Besides our big bed is not so big anymore for the three of us.

I felt kinda sad that the little boy is really growing up now that he seem to want to have his own space.

When morning came and we all have woken up, hubby and I had this short conversation:

Hubby: Bakit ka lumipat sa baba?
Me: Ha?
Hubby: Naalimpungatan ako wala ka na sa tabi ko andun ka na sa tabi ni Johan sa sahig.
Me: Hindi naman ako lumipat.
Hubby: Andun ka kaya ke Johan.
Me: Hindi nga ako lumipat. Dun ako talaga natulog.

Hehehe! Looks like I'm not ready to give up co-sleeping just yet.

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