Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Version of Rainbow Pancakes

I've been planning to make these for Johan for the past two weeks already and I have not gotten around to doing it until yesterday. Come merienda time, I started preparing the ingredients that I will be using. Seeing that I was making pancakes, the boy could not contain his excitement and was coming to and fro the kitchen and the bedroom where he was watching his cartoons.

I was only able to find red and yellow food coloring as these were the only ones available at the supermarket. I got the bear shaped cutter from Daiso for Php 88.00.

Pancake mix, medium-sized egg, food coloring, butter (missing in the photo
are cooking oil and water)

Follow the instructions on the box and prepare different containers for each color that you have. Even though I only had two shades of food color, I was able to produce a third shade by combining the red with the yellow which in turn became orange. On these containers, pour over some pancake mix and then add just a small drop of food color in each.

Since, I was only making a batch for the little boy I only cooked three small pancakes. They were so small that all three of them even fit in our frying pan.

When all three were cooked, I used the cookie cutter to create bear-shaped mini pancakes that I was so sure the boy would love.

I went to the bedroom carrying his plate of bear-shaped pancakes only to be welcomed by this sight:

The boy wasn't able to wait for his pancakes and was already sleeping soundly when I came in the room. So, I just packed away his pancakes and waited until he woke up.

Even though the pancakes were already cold when he woke up, Johan still ate the fruits of my labor with much gusto! This makes me want to really, really want try and learn how to cook so I can create more nice-looking (and healthy) food for Johan.

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