Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Food Trip: Quiznos

My officemate, TJ, has been going on and on about this restaurant since the day we went to Army Navy. He's been wanting to try out the toasted subs in Quiznos and when I checked out some reviews, I realized we really should give this a try.

So, off we went to Quiznos at the Alabang Town Center as soon as work was finished.

Their ATC branch is quite small and upon counting the number of stools, it appeared that they can only accommodate twelve people. It's a good thing that there were no other diners when we arrived so we got the place all to ourselves. Besides, the staff are very friendly and service is really fast.

Even if I already read positive reviews about their subs, we still asked their ATC staff which their bestsellers are and when we were told that they are Classic Traditional and the Double Cheese Cheesesteak, these were what we all ordered. Upon ordering, you are to choose the size of your sub - you can choose from Small (5 inches), Regular (8 inches) or Large (11inches). We were all scared to try the bigger sizes so we settled for the 5-inch ones instead.

You will also be asked what kind of bread you want. We were given these choices - Italian White, Rosemary Parmesan, or Artisan Wheat. Three of us ordered the Traditional, TJ ordered the Classic Club and our friend, Vanessa, ordered the Double Cheese Cheesesteak.

Classic Traditional - Roast Beef, Chicken Breast, Ham, Cheddar,
Black Olives, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Ranch - P 125

Classic Club - All natural Chicken Ham, Smokey Bacon, Cheddar, Tomatoes,
Lettuce and Mayonnaise - P 125

Double Cheese Cheesesteak - Steak, Double All natural Swiss, Sauteed Onions
and Mayonnaise - P 195

Believe me when I say that even the 5-inch subs are ginormous! We all had a difficult time finishing our subs, well except for TJ given that he really is still a guy. He ate super fast and was done in no time. I found it hard to take a bite because even if I pressed the sub to flatten it, it still won't fit my mouth. But I have to say that the Traditional is very good. The veggies are fresh, the bread perfectly toasted, the meat tender and all together, it's a gastronomic feast!

Quiznos Batch 83 Four Pepper Chili Sauce and Medium Rootbeer (P 45)

Don't forget to ask the staff for the Batch 83 Four Chili Pepper Sauce. This sauce is neither to chili nor too sweet and I love it.

My Traditional Sub with a few drops of Batch 83 Four Pepper Chili Sauce

I first put a few drops in my sub to test if I can take the "hotness" of the sauce but when I found out it's not even hot at all, I used the sauce ala siopao sauce style and put some on the sub before every bite. It is good, I tell ya.

My tummy is so full after I finished my sub, which was surprising because I usually cannot finish a sandwich this big. Heck, I wasn't even able to finish my Army Navy burger the last time we went there and that is relatively smaller compared to Quiznos' subs.

Our Friday Food Trip ended up really well - with our tummies full, cravings satisfied and hearts filled with laughter over jokes and random chismis shared over every bite.

Is Quiznos deserving of a second visit? Yes, because I definitely would like to try the Double Cheese Cheesesteak next time!
Total Costs:
Php 500.00 - 4 Traditional subs
Php 125.00 - 1 Classic Club
Php 195.00 - 1 Double Cheese CheeseSteak
Php 225.00 - 5 medium sized softdrinks
Php   25.00 - 1 bottled water
Php 1070.00

Get ready to start toasting!

Cinema Complex
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines

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