Friday, February 15, 2013

Dreaming of a New Camera

My digital camera’s about to reach its limit and I seriously need to replace it. The battery runs out so fast even if I just had it recharged and there were more than a few times when the screen blacks out on its own. Well, what do I expect; I got the camera for a very cheap price so a lifespan of three years is maybe just enough.

I've been looking at several cameras and I still haven’t decided which one I’ll be getting. It really depends on how much I’d be able to save and I am really hoping I’d save enough to get myself a decent camera this time.

I heard that the Sony Alpha Nex 7 Camera is good buy based on some reviews that I read. The specifications are quite impressive.

Quoted from the Digital Photography Review:
Sony NEX-7 specification highlights24MP APS-C CMOS sensor (shared with the SLT A-77 and A-65)
ISO 100-16000 (100-1600 in Auto)
Built-in 2.4M dot OLED EVF with eye sensor
Electronic first-curtain shutter (cuts response time from 100ms to 20ms)
'AVCHD Progressive' 1080p60 HD movie recording with built-in stereo mic
Tilting rear screen
Three-dial user interface
Built in flash and Alpha hotshoe
Infra-red remote control receiver
Microphone input socket

But for the retail price of P 54,999.00, I guess the Alpha Nex 7 will just remain in my dreams. I may settle for a digital camera with a much lesser value but packed with good enough features and then probably buy one of those photo editing software over at Cyberlink and just do enhancements on my photos.

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