Wednesday, January 4, 2012

While Mommy Was Out

Yesterday, I had to go out to do a few errands. I know there's nothing to worry about because I left Johan in good hands, hubby's - or so I thought.

While Mommy was out, look what happened to Johan:

"It was not me, Mommy! Daddy gave me the chocolates! Pinky swear!"
Nice one, Dad! All the while, I thought we agreed on not giving him chocolates until he turns three. There goes my "habilin" number 6 from this post. =)

Nevertheless, you are still a cutie, baby!


poison ivy said...

hehe cute pa din :)

Jhan said...

hahaha!!! Cute Johan...

When I saw the pic...naisip ko agad di ba sabi mo bawal chocolates!!! daddy talaga! :P

Timeless Confection said...

soooo cute!

Toni said...


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