Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Wishes

This year, I'm officially out of the calendar because I'll be turning 32 by the end of this month and yes, I truly accept that I am not getting any younger. However, I hope that with each year added to my age, I'd get at least an ounce of wisdom as well.

My birthday wishes for this year are full of meaningful and practical thoughts:
  • Good health for my family and friends.
  • Positivity and peace of mind for myself.
  • Spend more time with friends in person. I've been in touch with my friends mostly thru Facebook and Yahoo Messenger, this year I wish to be able to hang out with them more.
  • More ideas for this blog and I am Super Nanay (I know I'm neglecting that one, sorry)
  • I wish I won't get pregnant, at least not this year. I am not ready yet physically, emotionally and mentally. Hubby's not ready financially. =)
  • At least once every two months out-of-town trip for us three, Hubby, myself and Johan.When I say out-of-town, I simply mean out of the province of Cavite. Like Mall of Asia or Greenbelt or somewhere else. 
  • I wish hubby's income would increase or he finds a job that pays more or I get to work again so we could finally buy our own car. 
  • I wish hubby's income would increase or he finds a job that pays more or I get to work again (hehe!) so we could start building our own "home". 
  • I wish Johan would learn to love brushing his teeth so I would be spared the drama that comes with the habit every morning on bath time.
  • I wish I'd learn to accept that no matter how less I eat, my tummy would remain the same nevertheless. Exercise is the key and I wish I'd stop procrastinating.
  • I wish my hair would stop falling. I'm afraid I'm getting bald sooner that I should be. The falling hair should be from my legs and pits so I won't have to shave/wax every so often.
  • I wish pimples would stop attacking my face. I'm middle-aged, for heaven's sake. I am no teenager in the midst of puberty.

I digged deep for these wishes. I asked myself what I really, really wish for for my birthday and I came up with a pretty good, real-life list. But, for those who would want to give me something tangible, I am not saying no, so these are some "material" things that would make me super happy:

For the techie me (left to right): A 16GB Flash Drive (source), A 16GB Micro SD Card for my Blackberry so I won't run out of space to save all of Johan's videos (source) and An Energizer Energi To Go XP1000 Portable Charger for my Blackberry and Digital Camera. (source)

For the Mommy me (left to right): A Mom 24/7 2012 Planner by Mommy Mundo. This only costs PhP 350 (*wink*wink*), What to Expect the Second Year (source) and A Circle of Love Necklace from Something About Silver with our names engraved - hubby's, mine and Johan's (I know a local online seller who creates pendants like these, leave me a note if you want to know).

For the girly me (left to right): Spanx Slim Cognito Shape Suit - no explanation necessary! (source), One year supply of Ivory Soap because I so love the scent of Ivory (source) and pampering GC's which I badly need.


Niña Comia said...


can you send me the contact details of the online seller of customized jewelry? ive been long been looking for one. almost all are from US pa kasi and more expensive.

please email at

thanks a bunch!

Jhan said...

Advance Happy Birthday Sis!!!

Wish your wishes will come true.

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