Thursday, January 12, 2012

Huge Changes are About to Happen

Remember the birthday wishes that I posted here? I have specifically asked for these two consecutive wishes:

  • I wish hubby's income would increase or he finds a job that pays more or I get to work again so we could finally buy our own car. 
  • I wish hubby's income would increase or he finds a job that pays more or I get to work again (hehe!) so we could start building our own "home". 

Guess what? Hopefully we're on our way to finally having our own car or own home because starting February 3, this mom is a SAHM no more.

I waited until today to announce it so as not to jinx it. I had my job offer today and I signed it, the contract will be signed after I completed all the pre-employment requirements.

I know that I've been blogging about how awesome it is to be a stay-at-home mom, it really is, believe me. If only we could live comfortably with hubby's income, I would have stayed a SAHM forever. But, our needs are increasing by the day and there are certain areas that need to be considered - like a family car, a house and most importantly, Johan's education. I realized that if I will be so picky in choosing the right school for Johan then I better start helping out hubby in saving for it as early as now. I heard that preschool in an A-list school down south already costs PhP 90,000.00! WTH! Imagine how much more it will be in 2-3 years when Johan starts school. I'm already scared.

I haven't been thinking about the adjustments we had to make because my mind is full on which of the Pre-employment requirements I should accomplish first. But, here are some of the major things that we had to decide upon SOON:

  • We need to find a yaya but hubby and I had to weigh things first if we could afford one from my income. MIL is living with us but she's already taking care of my SIL's daughter who's also living with us (long story) and I'm sure she'll have a hard time taking care of Johan as well. The SIL's daughter is already a handful and with an active toddler like Johan, MIL won't be able to rest until I came home from work. Kawawa naman.
  • I'm also thinking of bringing Johan to my parents' house in Laguna but we still had to hire a yaya because my parents will have a very difficult time caring for him plus Johan's not used to them yet so there might me crying spells, lots of it.
  • List of to-dos regarding Johan - like the time he should sleep, he should take a bath, what he should eat, what he should not eat, what he's allowed to watch, what he's not allowed to watch, reading time, play time, vitamins to give him, lotion, insect repellent, pajamas when he's walking outside, EOP or English Only Policy when talking to Johan. The list is endless and from an OC mom like me, you wouldn't expect anything less. I'm thisclose to purchasing and installing a CCTV at home so I can monitor all of Johan's movements and his caregiver, whoever that ends up to be.

I'm not even thinking about me and Johan being apart five days a week. I'm sure I will be the one who'll have separation anxiety. For now, I'm just focused on his future and this motivates me to be strong and to work harder. 

Please don't judge me for wanting to work again. I'm not prioritizing work over my son. I've given up work before when he's still inside my tummy and I would do it again if ever he needs me back home. I would give up anything, in a blink of an eye, for my son. 

I'm missing you already, buddy! Mommy's gonna cry now. =(

But for now, I need to work - for Johan's future and for the fulfillment of our dreams.

Pray for me?

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Jhan said...

ohhh...separation anxiety.
but sometimes you have to have more logical decisions to make.

Good Luck on your new job.

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