Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Owning It

I've been reading the book The Secret and I am living everything I am learning from the book. It is basically about keeping a positive outlook, banishing all negative thoughts, attracting positive energy and living a life as if you own everything you ever wanted.

You may call it coincidence or whatever but I attest that it works. After I applied for a new job, I was told that they will just call me if I passed. I am confident that I did great in the final interview and I called out to the universe that the HR people will call me on Tuesday around lunchtime. Tuesday morning, I kept on thinking of receiving that most awaited phone call. I acted like I am already hired. Hubby kept on looking at me as if I'm crazy but I kept doing it and around lunchtime, I received a text message:

I immediately showed it to hubby and gave him a look which says, "I told you so." Hehe.

Anyway, now that I am a true believer of The Secret. I am applying it in all aspects of our life. Like for example, my goals for myself and our family. I know, it's kinda materialistic but these are all for the long run, believe me. You may find it weird that I inserted our pictures but what the heck, I am owning it.

Finally our own car will be ours just in time for Johan's 2nd birthday

I will be 100,000 pesos richer before Christmas

How about you, what are you owning?


Maudey said...

Hear, hear to positivity, sis! Me naman, I'm keeping the faith that I'll be able to buy a house by year-end :-)

Cheers to living our dreams!


got to believe said...

sana cropped yung mama na nagpipintura. hehehe.

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Waahahah! Di ko matanggal nagloloko ung cs5 ko. Waaah!

Jhan said...

AMEN!!! I'm a reader of The Secret too...and it really work.

I like the photo of Johan you put on the car...cute!!!

I hope all your visions will come true!!!

ranne said...

:) i like the idea of putting your pictures in the dreams...ako do have a mental vision of dreams and goals and think myself owning that goal/dream...bat i think magandang idea yun very visual tapos stick sa board or copy ha ;)

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