Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Johan at the Wedding

After learning that we were invited to attend my cousin's wedding, I have been bent on finding something for Johan to wear. Events like these are opportunities to look our best and take fabulous photos.

I initially wanted Johan to wear one of those tuxedo shirts - tuxedo designs printed on plain white shirts - but I was unable to find one in the malls and even online. I then found a photo of a boy wearing a plain white polo with red suspenders and a red bow tie. I could not find red suspenders anywhere and I swear I looked everywhere so I made it myself. The project turned out great and I was really planning on making Johan wear it until the day of the wedding when I saw what my cousin gave for Johan to wear and look at how dashing my little man turned out:

Johan's OOTD: Striped polo, dark blue shorts, black vest and gray bow tie courtesy
of his Ninang Leslie and Converse Chucks courtesy of his Ninang Mhy

He truly enjoyed the wide, open space of Paco Park and roamed ran around while Daddy kept a close watch on him.

When the ceremony was about to start, we all went inside the church and waited for the wedding to begin. Johan immediately got bored and played with his car which, thankfully, I remembered to bring for times like these.
He sat down on the floor and played with his car
played some more
Got quite comfy and just laid on the floor

I'm happy that he got to experience this wedding and he was able to spend some time with his relatives and I'm so proud that he behaved pretty good, well, he did spend more time outside the church with his daddy than inside with me but still it was one very good day for the three of us and yes, we did get amazing photos, lots of it actually.

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