Monday, January 16, 2012

The Princess Weds

If you're a member of the Yahoo Groups, WeddingsatWork or NewlywedsatWork, surely you'd have heard of PrincessWeds - the one handcrafting fabulous accessories for brides and offering other personalized paraphernalia for weddings. Haizel is the pretty lady behind PrincessWeds and yesterday she got married herself.

It was the best wedding we have ever attended. Haizel, who is my cousin btw, married her fiance, Dennis, in a Catholic ceremony in St. Pancratius Chapel in Paco Park on the day that happens to be exactly their sixth year anniversary as a couple and I say the best wedding because there were a lot of happy tears, happy laughter and happy people. You can definitely feel the love of the couple for each other and that love bounced back to every single one of their guests making the entire event one huge success.

We cried when we saw Dennis at the altar shedding tears while waiting for Haizel 
We cried even more when Haizel started walking and we saw her crying as well
"Let's start the beginning of our forever." - Dennis
"You are my sweetest blessing." - Haizel

All the weddings that I have attended were all wonderful but this wedding just tops everything off. Aside from the very in love husband and wife - all the details of the wedding and the reception were elegant, personal and very well thought off. I can say that the bride and groom did a phenomenal job in planning their wedding because everybody's been talking about the flowers, the food, the music and song choices and just about everything about the event. Everybody had a lovely time sharing such a blissful moment with Dennis and Haizel.

Their favorite Starbucks cake as their wedding cake
I cannot remember what this is called but it is divine
The dessert station - wow is such an understatement!
Pretty flower arrangements and a table number that came with a li'l extra

Swags and chandelier set the mood for a romantic evening
Thank you card and stub - stub for what, you ask?
Stub for this! There was a Starbucks station where everybody gets free frappes!

Now, wouldn't you say that was one great wedding, indeed? 

Congratulations and best wishes again to Haizel and Dennis! And uhm, Dennis, I hope you're ready to what's in store for you from the Barangay Tan. =)

"Birthdays in Luneta Park, New Years in Manila Memorial Park, year round birthdays and whole lotta fun!" - Leslie, the bride's sister

I so, so love weddings!

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wow ang nice. ako walang pics. hahaha! di pa ako maka blog.

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