Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conti's Cream Puff and Serenitea Wintermelon MT

I've been craving for cream puff for days. I wasn't able to find a single store offering these from where we are living so when I was scheduled to go to Alabang today for my pre-employment medical exam, I quickly went online to search on where I can buy some in Alabang Town Center. I didn't know there was a Conti's branch at ATC already and it was a surprise when I found out they have cream puffs. Yay!

A box of 15 mini cream puff costs PhP 120
Bite-sized puffs
The custard cream filling is really good

I already ate 5 pieces when I stopped myself and decided to bring the rest home. Wrong move. The cream puffs only taste good and fresh after purchase. I should have finished the entire box right after I left the store. The remaining cream puffs which I took home tasted dry and paper-y although the custard filling remained creamy which was surprising.

Anyway, since I was already at ATC, I decided to try Serenitea's Wintermelon Milk Tea which Mommy Fleur kept raving about. She's indeed correct! The Wintermelon MT is so good, I was able to finish a large order. I will definitely frequent Serenitea when I start working in Alabang next week.

Large Wintermelon Milk Tea +  Standard Sweetness + Pudding Sinker, Php 105

I can't wait to let hubby taste this, he's also a milk tea fan. It reminds me of the early days of our relationship. Right after school or if we're just hanging out at my dorm, we'll go to this place in Mayon Avenue serving very good tasting milk tea, Easy Way. Makes me wonder, are there still Easy Way branches around?

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