Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Teaching the Boy to Save

A relative gave Johan a bear-shaped coin bank for Christmas. I wanted Johan to learn the habit of saving so I took out the coin bank and decided to teach Johan to put some coins in.

When I handed him a coin, like most kids, he started to put it in his mouth. Of course, I immediately grabbed his hand and told him that coins are not food. I then proceeded in showing him how to put them in the coin bank. It only took me one time of showing him how to and he did it on his own.

Look at him holding the coin properly

Good job, Johan!

We were having so much fun and then I ran out of coins and the next photos showed how this affected my little boy.

I told him there are no more coins and look at his lips pout. Lol!

He started to cry...

...and cry some more

And he further surprised me by reaching for my bag, searched inside and took out my coin purse. He saw me taking the coins from there so he just thought he should check that I'm telling the truth.

Opening my coin purse

Taking a peek

Tinaktak pa! Sigurista! =)

Isn't my boy too cute for words? =)

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