Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Coming Home

Even before I submitted my resignation at work, hubby and I discussed that should I stop working we think it would be best if I stay with my parents in Laguna while I am pregnant. That is so I would have company to keep myself from getting bored because I am usually left by myself here in Manila when hubby leaves for work. 

So, I will be coming home to my parents later today and will be staying there indefinitely. Hubby will stay here in Manila because of work, it will be too much of a hassle if he goes with me in Laguna. He will just come there during the weekends to be with me. The sacrifices we have to make for the sake of this baby.

I might not be able to blog as often as I wanted to but I will still try to post once in a while. So, this is bye for now and I hope everyone will have a meaningful Holy Week ahead.

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