Monday, April 12, 2010

Loving the Small Things

  • I makes me feel good when hubby holds my hand whenever we go out, it's as if he's saying, "I know your back's hurting and I wish I could help you more but I hope this somewhat eases the pain."
  • I find it amusing when my niece, Cassandra, says hi to our little one and sometimes tells the baby "bad baby, bad baby" whenever my tummy or my back is aching. Cassandra somehow gets the notion that the baby is kicking me whenever something is aching.
  • I like it when some people would tell me I am a blooming mom to be. 
  • I love it when out of nowhere hubby would suddenly rub my tummy, whether I'm in front of the computer and he's on his way out of the room or just when we're watching television.
  • It touches me when hubby would put his ear on my tummy trying to listen to our little one's heartbeat even if I told him numerous times that he won't be able to hear it just yet, it just shows that he is eager to meet our little one.

I'm already on my 15th week and so far so good. I finally got through the "very difficult" first trimester, my appetite's gone up (a lot) and the baby's growth is normal according to my Gyne. Our next check up will be on May 8th, exactly our 1st wedding anniversary. I will be 20 weeks by then and I am hoping my Gyne would tell me it's possible to see the gender of little one during that time. That would be a great anniversary gift to hubby and me and another great reason to celebrate the day!

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