Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best Decision

I am going to stop working.

For now, I know I am going to think that we won't be as secured financially as to when I was still getting a monthly salary. I know that I am going to worry about the future expenses and that our plans will be put on hold because only one of us will be working. I know that for some time I will be feeling helpless and unworthy because I won't be contributing financially nor physically because of the state of my pregnancy.

But, in the long run, I know that this is the best decision. I know that I will not regret leaving work behind for our child. I know that everything will fall into place with God' grace. 

And surely, on that day, when my eyes finally get a glimpse of our dear little one, I am going to say "It's all worth it".

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Full Time Mom said...

i salute you for doing such decision. you're a brave woman and very responsible mother. dont worry about tomorrow. God will provide for everything. Problems may come along the way with you and hubby..but it's ok.. that's part of being married, being a soon to be mom and being a wife and partner to hubby. try not to worry too much, that will add stress to you and little one can feel that and will be stress too. Enjoy every moment of pregnancy.. for each moment is priceless and wonderful.

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